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X-Factor Advanced Review

With all the competition going around in bodybuilding supplements, it’s nice to see someone break the mold. Most supplements are creatine, protein, or herbs meant to boost hormones of one sort or another.

So when Molecular Nutrition created X-Factor Advanced, a supplement based on arachidonic acid, we had to take a look. Finally, a supplement that uses revolutionary science.

X-Factor Advanced

X-Factor Advanced is a very simple formula that is based on some new science. For this reason it really stands apart from the rest of the other bodybuilding supplements.

It does this by utilizing arachidonic acid, a polyunsaturated fat. Arachidonic acid (ARA) is not an essential fatty acid (meaning the body makes its own) but is usually found in meats.

ARA plays an important role in the growth and repair of skeletal muscle. One way it does this is by eliciting the inflammation caused by the stressing of muscles.

This makes ARA a very powerful anabolic nutrient. Some scientists even believe it is the central anabolic variable, because muscles need to be broken down before they can be built back up.

Does X-Factor Advanced Have Enough ARA?

Each serving of X-Factor Advanced has a proprietary blend of 825 mg of 40% ARA. The recommended intake to see results 1000-1500 mg per day, so the 4 servings per day should get you the amount you need.

One of the plusses with X-Factor Advanced is that it can be stacked with many other supplements without fear of extra side effects. Creatine, protein and even hormonal boosters each fulfill another role that ARA can complement.

The Downside

The main downside is that ARA supplementation gives the same results that a protein-rich diet does. It is readily available in meat and the body produces it, so supplementation will do little to give gains.

This is only really a problem when one considers the price of X-Factor Advanced. $80 for a three-week supply that will increase your reps a bit is not a deal.

Our recommendation

Because X-Factor Advanced is one of the only ARA supplements on the market today, we’d recommend it to anyone who’s already got their money invested in other supplements, but wants to switch to something safer. If you have the money, by all means.

However, the high cost makes it more of a novelty for most bodybuilders. While it is quite effective at promoting gains, stick to the basics until you can afford it.

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