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VirMax T Review

VirMax T

“Boost your testosterone levels to the max!” This bold claim, emblazoned across every VirMax T box, is designed to capture the attention of men who’ve noticed a drop in their sexual ability.

VirMax T’s ingredients are said to encourage testosterone production. As an added bonus, VirMax T includes only natural ingredients, perhaps making it a good option for health conscious consumers.

Even though it’s all natural, VirMax T needs clinically proven ingredients before I’ll believe it boosts testosterone. Read on to learn if VirMax T delivers reliable results.

VirMax T: The Ingredients

VirMax T contains five natural ingredients – all aimed at heightening testosterone levels to improve sex drive.

Tribulus is said to enhance athletic performance and fight erectile dysfunction. However, scientific evidence doesn’t support these uses yet. [1]

Fenugreek plants have some estrogen-like properties, so they might improve sexual health. But, supporting science is lacking. [2]

Korean Ginseng
Ginseng is often lauded as a potent aphrodisiac. Animal studies indicate it affects testosterone levels, libido, and sperm count. However, human studies are inconclusive. [3]

Epimedium has many uses in Chinese medicine, including sexual health. Even so, scientific studies of epimedium haven’t proven its efficacy. [4]

Tongkat Ali (LJ100)
LJ100 is tongkat ali standardized for maximum benefit to sexual and physical performance. Despite being standardized, LJ100 earns negative reviews. [5] And, tongkat ali itself is not proven to boost testosterone. [6]

Despite advertising claims to the contrary, VirMax T’s ingredients are not proven to boost testosterone. This ingredient list entirely fails to impress me.

VirMax T: The Dosage

VirMax T’s website claims one pill is strong enough to last all day. Apparently, this once-daily tablet can be taken whenever is most convenient for the user.

Unfortunately, the product website doesn’t reveal the ingredient dosages, which makes it impossible to determine VirMax T’s effectiveness.

For instance, scientists estimate the effective human dose of tribulus may be 750 mg a day. [7] Whether VirMax T has this effective dose is unknown.

VirMax T: The Price

One VirMax T box contains 30 tablets, a one-month supply.

VirMax T is available for $24.99 from the following retailers:


On the positive side, ViraMax T costs significantly less than many other natural testosterone boosters. But, low price doesn’t matter if VirMax T won’t produce results.

VirMax T: The Reviews

I searched for VirMax T reviews to get a better picture of its performance. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate any. Once again, VirMax T lacks evidence that it boosts testosterone and improves sexual performance.

VirMax T: The Verdict

Nothing about VirMax T convinces me it lives up to its advertised claims. Its ingredients lack clinical studies. Consumer reviews are few and far between. And, the manufacturer doesn’t even provide ingredient dosages.

Don’t be tempted to buy VirMax T just because it’s cheaper than its competitors. An unproven, ineffective product isn’t worth the price.


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