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Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls Testosterone Booster Review

Though it seems to be marketed toward 16-year-old teenagers busy making jokes about genitalia, Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls is a supplement designed to help boost testosterone for a myriad of different bodybuilding and sexual benefits. Using a blend of tested ingredients along with some less commonly seen compounds, this product’s formula is interesting on first glance. We wanted to take a deeper look to see if could yield the results it promises.

The Good Stuff

Though we think the marketing approach is a little immature, Wrecking Balls has some good ingredients. Notably, it contains Tribulus Terrestris, Longjack, and Avena Sativa. All of these should come together well to stimulate testosterone production indirectly. They function by helping the pituitary build and release more luteinizing hormones. These messenger hormones are then sent to the testes where they act on certain cells to manufacture more testosterone.

Quit Busting Our Balls

Though Wrecking Balls has some good ingredients, it also has some busts. Chrysin, for one, is a horrible inclusion for this supplement. In the 80’s, laboratory tests showed that Chrysin could stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in a petri dish. This has led to thousands of Chrysin products claiming to boost testosterone. However, none of these products will tell you that no studies conducted in humans have ever produced the same results. In fact, the consensus among the scientific community is that Chrysin is unable to be absorbed through cellular walls in order to be used by the body. Anybody telling you it can give you any sort of benefit is yanking your balls.

What a Wreck

Beside Chrysin, Wrecking Balls includes Wild Yam, Royal Jelly, and other extracts and compounds that have no testosterone benefits whatsoever. With so many fillers, their formula just isn’t cost effective enough to merit buying a bottle, even if it is only $19.95. We recommend skipping over this product in favor of a more proven blend.

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