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Tropinol Review

Have you tried a testosterone supplement that just didn’t do it for you? Maybe it’s time to try something new. Tropinol is unique supplement that promises to increase your levels of testosterone.

What’s in Tropinol?

Tropinol is made from some ingredients that aren’t often used in testosterone supplements. The first ingredient is ProLensis™. It a patented form of the plant extract: Bulbine Natalensis. This extract originated in Africa and has been used to treat impotence in men.

Animals tests of ProLensis™ showed that increased the testicle size of rats. It also decreased estrogen levels and created higher concentrations of testosterone in their blood. The results produced in animal tests do not always reflect how the product will affect humans. A proportionate amount of the ingredient used on the rats would need to be included in Tropinol. Since the manufacturer does not provide individual amounts, we don’t know if there is enough.

Basella Alba is another ingredient in Tropinol that is supposed to increase levels of testosterone. The benefits of this ingredient are just speculation. It has supported by clinical research.

The other main ingredients in Tropinol are Cholecalciferol and Methyltheobromine. Cholecalciferol is fancy name for Vitamin D3. It should increase levels of testosterone. But again, there is no evidence to support this.

Methyltheobromine is a fancy name for caffeine. Caffeine can give you a temporary increase in energy and focus. It also improves the delivery of the other ingredients in this formula.

Tropinol Side Effects

We are doubtful that Tropinol will be very safe. None of the ingredients have been clinically tested for safety. There is a chance that they could cause serious, unpleasant side effects.

We know that caffeine can cause side effects like jitters, headaches, restlessness, and insomnia. Although it can give you temporary energy, it will usually cause you to crash after a while. Some people say that instead of helping them focus, caffeine makes them wired and on edge.

Tropinol – Conclusion

We do not recommend that you try Tropinol. It uses ingredients that are not very popular among testosterone supplements; and it’s probably because they’re not very effective. They may not be very safe either. Another problem we have with Tropinol is that the ingredients come in a proprietary blend. This masks the individual amounts of each ingredient. Consequently, we have no way of knowing if the right amount of each ingredient was used.

We recommend that you try one of our top rated testosterone supplements. Most of them are significantly more safe and effective than Tropinol. They are affordable too.

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