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Tribulus Terrestris Side Effects – Uncover The Truth!

tribulus terrestris

For many people the small, yellow flower that grows in southern parts of Europe, Asia and all throughout Africa and Australia is a noxious weed that can overgrow gardens.

However, for others, the plant called Tribulus Terrestris is not only a natural aphrodisiac, but is also used to increase the body’s natural testosterone levels.

Just as Tribulus Terrestris can be seen as a weed that damages the other plants around it, some people are convinced that Tribulus Terrestris is more harmful than it is helpful.

History of Tribulus Terrestris

Hundreds of years before Tribulus Terrestris started showing up in male enhancement products, traditional Chinese medicine has used this plant to help protect the body against future diseases.

In India, Ayurveda medicine practices have used Tribulus Terrestris as an aphrodisiac, diuretic and nervine. It was thought to have cleansing abilities as well as health-promoting properties.

However, it wasn’t until a couple decades ago that Tribulus Terrestris was used as a part of post cycle therapy, or the practice of using anabolic or ergogenic aids to increase physical appearance, performance and self-medication to recover from injuries.

In fact, ever since American IFBB bodybuilding champion Jeffrey Petermann used Tribulus Terrestris in the early 1970’s many people have caught the bug and have used this mysterious plant to help improve their production of testosterone.

Potential Dangers of Tribulus Terrestris

The most common complaint that users give who have used Tribulus Terrestris before is that it causes them to have an upset stomach. However, many people say that if they ate food after consuming Tribulus Terrestris they could eliminate the risk of an nausea or vomiting.

Another one of the Tribulus Terrestris side effects is more serious than a stomach ache is gynecomastia. Although this name might be unfamiliar to you, the result is something that is quite common to half of the population: development of larger mammary glands.

There might be a large audience of women that would be looking for the breast enlargement that comes with developing mammary glands, but unfortunately, Tribulus Terrestris has only been found to have this peculiar effect in the males that use this product.

The risk of gynecomastia while using Tribulus Terrestris is quite low, although still present, and the effects of the overly developed mammary glands goes away in a couple of months or a couple of years, depending upon how developed the glands were.

Is Tribulus Terrestris Worth The Risk?

Although there are some Tribulus Terrestris side effects, most users have commented that the benefits outweigh the potential for problems.

An increase in testosterone can lead to a stronger sex drive, better erectile function, increased muscle tissue production, more energy and even a decrease in hair loss. For this reason, customers continue to keep using Tribulus Terrestris despite the risk.

If you are interested in using Tribulus Terrestris on a regular basis you might want to consult your physician to see if you have a propensity toward any of the side effects that are commonly associated with this herbal remedy.

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