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Tribulus Fuel Review

Boasting about the purest tribulus terrestis available, makers of Tribulus Fuel also claim at this product has an extremely high volume of this ingredient for incredible testosterone boosting effects. Because of this one ingredient, Tribulus Fuel promises everything from a boosted libido to incredible muscle building effects for men. Just get past the excitement for a moment though.

There are a lot of tribulus based supplements. Tribulus Fuel would have to have extremely high doses to even begin to compete. For now, let’s learn a little bit more about tribulus and why this ingredient is so important.

Why Is Tribulus Fuel So Obsessed with Tribulus?

Right now, tribulus is one of the few natural testosterone boosters that is still legal. This is not an anabolic steroid or even a stimulant, just a testosterone booster that has been studied more extensively studied than just about any other ingredient currently available.

In clinical studies, male subjects experienced significant muscle growth, fat reduction, and increased sex drive at the same time. Because of its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, tribulus has garnered quite a bit of attention, and this ingredient has hit the industry hard. With the right dose, even bodybuilders can enhance their usual muscle building and the effects of their workouts. Again, men who take tribulus don’t have to put their health at risk.

Tribulus is the only ingredient listed in Tribulus Fuel, and there are no “proprietary blends” or other indications that makers are hiding other ingredients. So we can only assume that this is the whole story.

What is That Dose & Does Tribulus Fuel Have Enough?

Tribulus, the key ingredient in Tribulus Fuel, is unlike any other ingredient we know of in this regard. Yes, you can definitely experience testosterone boosting benefits, but there is no flat and proven dose for every man. How much tribulus you need actually depends on your body weight. So what would the average man need?

According to studies, no matter how “high quality” the tribulus, a small man would need at least 1000mg. There are some supplements that use 85 to 250mg, and Tribulus Fuel definitely has more than that at 650mg in every single dose. However, the proven dose is considerably higher than anything you get here. You would have to at least double the recommended dose to get the clinically proven amounts.

Is Tribulus Fuel Safe?

Again, tribulus terrestis is the only natural testosterone booster that is supposedly that strong that is still legal. The studies are still somewhat limited and as a researching public, we are still figuring out the particulars. However, based on what we know about tribulus so far, this supplement should be relatively safe and free of side effects for most men.

Can You Trust Tribulus Fuel?

Tribulus Fuel uses just one ingredient, and you can up the dose to whatever dose you need. You will end up spending more than anticipated, but each bottle sells for just $10 anyway. So if you have to double the dose, you will pay $20 a month. Even if you quadruple the dose, you will still be paying only $40 a month, which is about what you would pay for a normal testosterone supplement.

Most of those supplements don’t have clinically proven amounts of each ingredient anyway. Either way though, we find that if you take all factors into consideration, Tribulus Fuel could be one of your better testosterone boosting options.

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