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Tribestan Review

While every man would do well to consider the use of a testosterone booster, athletes in particular, should certainly supplement their diets with some sort of legal, testosterone-boosting product.

You see, studies have linked high testosterone levels to anabolic growth and lean muscle gain – among other health benefits including stronger libido function, lower cholesterol and more.

But for the most part, men use testosterone boosters to enhance their performance and muscle gains. That said, not every testosterone booster is as effective as you may think.

In this review, we’re going to analyze one testosterone booster in particular, known as Tribestan. Made by Sopharma, Tribestan is catered specifically towards hardcore and avid male athletes.

But is it a product that athletes out there will want to consider?

What’s The Hype Surrounding This Product?

To begin, we should clarify that Tribestan has been given its name by Sopharma because its a pure tribestan product. In other words, this herbal extract is the only active property contained in this testosterone booster – and a good one at that.

In fact, there may not be an all-natural agent out there that is more potent than tribestan when it comes to the art of testosterone production. Along those lines, studies have shown that while tribestan is also extracted from the tribulus terrestris plant like regular tribulus terrestris extract, its 50 times more potent.

More specifically, 2000 pounds of regular tribulus terrestris extract have the same effect on testosterone levels as just 40 pounds of tribestan. See, we told you that it was potent.

Each serving of Tribestan contains 500 mg of tribestan.

Does This Product Live Up To The Hype?

Moving on then, you may be wondering why we’re not just ending this review now so that you can go ahead and purchase a bottle of Tribestan.

Here’s why: Tribestan may not be as effective of a testosterone booster as its been hyped up to be.

To help you understand where we’re coming from, you need to consider the fact that an effective testosterone booster addresses both total and free testosterone levels -Tribestan only addresses the former.

To address the latter, Tribestan would have needed to be equipped with some sort of aromatase or 5-AR inhibitor to ensure that synthesized testosterone levels are not converted into DHT or estrogen.

Further, Tribestan has also not been equipped with an absorption enhancer such as bioperine. With this in mind, there is no way Sopharma can guarantee customers that its product will be as readily absorbent and as fast-acting as they’d like.

Is This Product Worth Trying?

Taking every factor into account, its obvious that Tribestan is not as “hot” of a product as we had initially believed.

Still, its not a bad idea to use Tribestan as long as you “stack” it with other supplements. In a team setting, we could see Tribestan being worth your time and money.

Speaking of money, you should expect to pay $54.99 for a single bottle of Tibestan. Each bottle comes with 60 tablets/30 servings and should last for an entire month.

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