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TestroVax Review

Not many workout supplements promise specifics. But TestroVax, a new testosterone booster from Novex Biotech, bucks the trend. According to advertisements, TestroVax increases testosterone levels by more than 42% in 12 days.

This promise is likely attached to specific ingredients in TestroVax rather than TestroVax as a whole, but it’s still encouraging. It means TestroVax uses ingredients that have been clinically-tested and proven effective.

I wanted to see if TestroVax used these ingredients correctly, however, so I did some more research.

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Who Is TestroVax For?

Novex Biotech considers TestroVax a very powerful over-the-counter T-booster, which means it isn’t recommended for just anyone. Casual bodybuilders, people under 30, or men who already have adequate testosterone are not meant to take TestroVax.

Instead, TestroVax is meant for men over the age of 30 who struggle with decreased T-levels. Although TestroVax is not a prescription testosterone booster, it’s said to be stronger than most testosterone supplements. For this reason, casual users should look for another T-booster.

If it works, TestroVax should increase circulating testosterone levels, lean muscle mass, energy, and sex drive.

Of course, TestroVax’s strength remains to be seen. To determine how powerful it really is, we need to look at its ingredients.

What’s in TestroVax?

TestroVax uses 15 ingredients to boost testosterone levels: 3 B vitamins and 12 ingredients in a 2.7-gram proprietary blend called TestPRO. Most of the testosterone-boosting power comes from the TestPRO combination.

I generally don’t like proprietary blends because many companies use them to mask ineffective ingredient quantities. Such unscrupulous manufacturers take a small proprietary blend and pack it to the brim with so many ingredients, it’s impossible for each to be included in their recommended amounts.

However, the TestPRO blend is fairly large. That gives me hope that the following ingredients could each be included in the right quantities.

Schizonepeta Powder: Leading off the TestPRO blend is schizonepeta powder, an herbal extract commonly used for skin problems. Other uses include treating fever and sore throat. However, there is no evidence that schizonepeta has any effect on testosterone production. In fact, there isn’t even anecdotal evidence to support the association. It seems like an odd ingredient to start out with in a T-booster.

Aspartic Acid : Aspartic acid is an amino acid produced by the pituitary gland that stimulates luteinizing hormone (LH) production. LH travels to the testicles and boosts testosterone production. This makes aspartic acid a very effective T-booster. In a 2009 study, testosterone levels in men taking aspartic acid rose by more than 40% in 12 days [1]. This is the study Novex Biotech cites in their advertisements. Let’s hope there’s enough aspartic acid in TestroVax to replicate these effects.

Fenugreek: Another ingredient that puzzles me is fenugreek. This herbal extract is well-known for treating erectile dysfunction, but it doesn’t do so by raising testosterone levels. In fact, several studies have failed to find any correlation between fenugreek and testosterone production. The most conclusive was a 2009 study, in which the hormonal profiles of study participants taking fenugreek didn’t differ significantly from those in a control group [2].

Arginine: Another amino acid, arginine triggers nitric oxide (NO) production [3]. NO doesn’t directly stimulate testosterone production, but by widening blood vessels, it increases circulation. That means testosterone will be able to move more freely throughout the body.

Resveratrol: Resveratrol is an antioxidant and chemical from red wine. According to WebMD, it works much like nitric oxide, expanding blood vessels to increase circulating testosterone. It also decreases estrogen production, which maximizes testosterone’s effectiveness.

Grape Seed and Skin: Grape seed and skin have several of the same traits as resveratrol. Grape raises the bar, however, by increasing blood testosterone levels and sperm count [4]. So far, these benefits have only been demonstrated in rats.

Rhodiola Rosea: Rhodiola is beneficial in many health areas, as it improves the body’s response to physical and environmental stress. It improves both athletic performance and sexual function, and is thought to prevent heart disease. This supports some testosterone benefits, but rhodiola has never been tested in humans.

Licorice: Like fenugreek and schizonepeta, licorice seems an illogical choice for a T-booster. However, licorice’s inclusion in TestroVax is even more confusing because licorice actually lowers testosterone production. In one study, licorice decreased testosterone levels by 25% in 7 days [5].

Red Clover: The tops of red clover contain isoflavones, which convert to so-called “phytoestrogens” when metabolized. Phytoestrogens act much like estrogen, which decreases testosterone’s effectiveness. For this reason, I’m not sure why red clover is in TestroVax.

Damiana: An herbal extract used as an aphrodisiac, damiana supplies the promise for increased sex drive with TestroVax. It works by stimulating greater testosterone production.

Indian Ginseng: Listed as withania somnifera, Indian ginseng improves energy and athletic performance. It works primarily by lowering blood sugar, though some suggest it raises T-levels as well. This effect has only been demonstrated in rats so far [6].

Taurine: Finishing off the TestroVax formula is taurine, another amino acid. Taurine improves mental and physical performance, as well as treats heart failure and high blood pressure. Anecdotal evidences suggests taurine increases testosterone production as well, but these effects haven’t been verified in a scientific study.

The majority of these ingredients have strong testosterone-boosting potential. However, some have only been proven in rat studies, while others actually decrease testosterone production. And unfortunately, because TestroVax uses a proprietary blend, we can’t judge which ingredients are likely to be stronger.

Perhaps when TestroVax becomes more popular and more customer reviews are posted online, we can judge this likelihood a little better.

Is TestroVax Expensive?

Yes. One of the downsides of TestroVax is the price. While most testosterone boosters hover between $20 and $50, TestroVax retails for $69.99 per bottle.

You can save 20% and qualify for free shipping by signing up for a monthly shipment of TestroVax. However, you’ll have to remember to cancel your subscription when you’re finished with TestroVax so you don’t continue to get charged.

An even better offer is available on There, you can get 1 bottle for $49.99 and a $1 flat shipping rate. This puts the price in a range that’s still expensive, but not unheard of.

TestroVax Pros

• Contains a large proprietary blend with many proven ingredients
• Comes from a reliable company with more than 20 years’ experience
• Requires just one 3-capsule dose daily
• Doesn’t cause powerful side effects

TestroVax Cons

• Contains several ingredients that actually lower testosterone levels
• Contains ingredients that have only been tested in rats
• Fairly expensive with limited availability
• Not many customer reviews yet available

Is TestroVax Worth a Shot?

At this point, I’m on the fence regarding TestroVax. I like the manufacturer and many of the ingredients, but some of the ingredients concern me. I recommend waiting a month or so for customer reviews to roll in so that you can paint a better picture of TestroVax before you pay the rather expensive price.


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