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TestoJack 200 Review

This testosterone-building supplement is actually an upgrade from its failed predecessor, the TestoJack 100.

Whereas the TestoJack 100 did not bring about any results other than negative side effects, the TestoJack 200 has added higher dosages to ingredient levels and even included a few new ingredients in its blend in hopes of reversing the misfortunes of the 100.

Though its formula may still be inferior to Syntheroid and other top testosterone boosters, we were curious to see what had been added to the TestoJack 200.

On top of being a testosterone-builder, the TestoJack 200 is also designed to boost male sexual performance and health through a bevy of all-natural ingredients included in its blend.

Product Detail

These all-natural ingredients found in the TestoJack 200 include:
Tongkat Ali – This ingredient serves as both a testosterone booster and as an enhancer to male reproductive function.
Maca Root – This ingredient also multi-tasks as a regulator of both sexual functions and your metabolism.
American Ginseng and Panex Ginseng – Both these ingredients act as immune system boosters for your body.
Horny Goat Weed – As its name might suggest, this ingredient and its sole purpose is to improve erectile function in males.

It’s important to note the fact that many of these listed ingredients, and also those that are not listed in this review, have not yet been clinically-tested and studied. Thus, most of the ingredients that you’ll find on a label of TestoJack 200 are in fact, unproven.

Of course, this tidbit of information should be worrisome for any of you considering the TestoJack 200. Although this muscle-enhancing supplement does have lots of potential and is an upgrade from the TestoJack 100, its effectiveness is definitely in doubt at this point and time without more credibility backing it.


There are a few benefits to the TestoJack 200 including the fact that it has been reported to be safe for consumers to use. No major side effects seem to come from the use of this product –a major upgrade from the TestoJack 100 which often gave users many problems including continual acne breakouts.

Along with its safety, this diet pill can also be purchased at an affordable price of $32.99 at retail price, and as low as $15.39 online. That said, cheaper doesn’t always mean better quality, as is the case with many health consumer products. Also, the TestoJack 200 comes with no money back guarantee to speak of and the supply in each bottle of this product will only last from 10-30 days (depending on how many capsules you take per day).


As stated above, at this point, the TestoJack 200 can only be seen as a hit-and-miss product. It may work for some of you, while doing absolutely nothing for others. There is no way to recommend a product that has not be proven to work effectively.

Reports and other reviews by previous users of this testosterone-enhancing supplement are also mixed – adding to our suspicion as to whether or not the TestoJack 200 is really worth investing in. Look for other options at this time that come with less risk, especially when you consider the fact that there is no fully-refundable guarantee associated with this product.

one viable option may be something like Syntheroid. Since it has proven ingredients and results, it is far more likely to give the benefits you desire.

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