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Testo Pro Review

While its one thing to say that you want to get or stay healthy, its another thing to actually accomplish that goal.

Luckily, with the right attitude, drive, and determination, almost any person can reach their performance and fitness goals. Then again, some individuals have a hard time staying motivated – which is why it never hurts to consider the use of a testosterone booster if you’re a male.

You see, testosterone plays a key part in the overall health of a man. Not only does it promote muscle gain and a strong libido, but high testosterone levels have also been attributed to weight loss, lower cholesterol, mood enhancement, and even mental sharpness.

As such, its no wonder some testosterone boosters are being sold left and right to consumers. In this review, we’d like to focus on one testosterone booster in particular, called Testo Pro.

Is Testo Pro one of those that is being sold at a frantic pace? Or does it lag behind some of its competition for one reason or another?

Let’s see if we can figure a few things out…

Product Specs

To start things off, we should quickly note that Testo Pro is made by the company, Anabolic Innovations Sports Nutrition. AISN has decided to create Testo Pro using a proprietary blend of ingredients alongside one, free-standing and trademarked ingredient called Testofen.

All together, Testofen and the rest of the ingredients found in Testo Pro amount to a dosage level of 900 mg per serving. You’ll find that each bottle of Testo Pro costs $33.95 at retail price and contains enough servings to last for an entire month.

What We Like About This Product

Moving on, there are several reasons why you should probably consider the use of Testo Pro.

First of all, it contains a number of very capable ingredients, starting with Testofen. More specifically, the main agent found in Testofen is none other than the aromatase inhibitor, fenugreek extract.

Because this herbal extract can stop aromatase from converting testosterone into estrogen, it ensures that free and bio available testosterone levels remain high. In addition, fenugreek ensures that estrogen levels remain low in a male’s body – which can help to decrease a man’s risk of gaining weight or succumbing to premature baldness as he ages.

Alongside Testofen, Testo Pro also contains an ingredient that is the patented form of the absorption enhancer, bioperine, called Piperine.

Like bioperine, Piperine helps to enhance the absorbency of other ingredients and compounds that it comes in contact with – and does so in an even more effective and efficient manner. With this in mind, we can only assume that Testo Pro is extremely absorbent and fast-acting in comparison to some of its counterparts.

What We Dislike About This Product

On the other hand, there are a few reasons why you may want to avoid the use of Testo Pro.

One of those reasons, is merely the fact that Testo Pro contains three trademarked and patented ingredients in its blend including Piperine, Testofen and another free-testosterone enhancer in Divanil.

For the most part, lab-made and synthetic ingredients are often more dangerous to consume than all-natural agents. To this effect, there is certainly cause for concern when it comes to the safety of Testo Pro.

Overall Impression

To wrap things up, while Testo Pro seems to be effective, we’re very unsure of its safety.

Coupling that with the price that AISN is asking for this product, and you’ve got an option in Testo Pro that you may want to pass on.

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