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TestForce 2 Review

Are you one of the many consumers that are sick of the common ingredients in all natural testosterone boosters these days? Well join the party. The market is always trying to churn out new methods of getting the job done more effectively, but breakthroughs aren’t too common. However, TestForce 2 is a supplement that brags to contain the next evolution in natural testosterone boosting– D-Aspartic Acid and Sarcosine. The company promises that these ingredients will boost testosterone, improve muscle strength, and build muscle. We are always excited about new products and new approaches to testosterone boosting. Let’s find out how TestForce 2 works.

What is in TestForce 2?

As mentioned above, the main ingredients in TestForce 2 are Sarcosine and D-Aspartic Acid (DAA). Many experts have claimed that DAA and Sarcosine are the next jump forward in testosterone supplementation. This opinion is based on a series of studies that showed that injections of these ingredients into rats caused an increase in the release of additional luteinizing and growth hormones. With more luteinizing hormones, the body is more likely to spark testosterone production in the testes. Growth hormone is also an exceptional anabolic hormone in that it is converted into IGF-1 in the liver, a compound that builds muscle by multiplying muscle cells and inflating their volume.

Together, these ingredients seem to have tremendous potential to raise levels of key anabolic compounds. More testosterone and more growth hormone will help you stack on muscle, develop strength, and improve performance. However, just because they work on rats doesn’t mean the work on humans. We have yet to see studies that verify that humans can experience the same results as the rats did.


Without clinical studies to verify that these ingredients can be beneficial to humans, TestForce 2 is kind of a risky investment. The use of DAA and Sarcosine is still relatively new and still needs more research before we really know how effective it is. However, if you’re sick of other supplements and are desperate for an alternative, TestForce 2 might be worth checking out. We’d love to know how it worked for you.


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