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TEST Powder Review

To give your workout that extra edge, you have most likely heard about the power of one of the natural hormones produced in your own body: testosterone.

This anabolic hormone has been the center of study and controversy, finally revealing itself to be one of the most integral hormones to increased muscle growth, a boost in energy and stamina levels, faster metabolism and even a boost in sexual health.

But with so many testosterone boosters out there, how do you know whether products like TEST Powder really work? We did a thorough analysis of TEST Powder to see if it could compare to the top testosterone boosters.

How Does Product Work?

The makers of TEST Powder, USPlabs, promise that TEST Powder will help you “activate your inner alpha” so that you can dominate every workout and turn your body into a leaner, stronger machine.

TEST Powder is supposed to not only help you build new muscle mass, but repair old and damaged tissues so that you can make sure neither age or injuries will keep you from performing at your best.


Unlike other testosterone boosters that contain ingredients to promote the synthesis and secretion of testosterone in your body, TEST Powder has ingredients that just produce similar effects that testosterone would have in the body.

For example, L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid that can promote the growth of muscle tissue and even get rid of excess fat stores, although this information hasn’t been verified by published results.

Another ingredient, Trimethylglycine has been found to be able to eliminate adipose tissue in pigs, although it is considerably less effective in pigs. This means that TEST Powder might be able to help you get rid of subcutaneous fat that can be taking away from muscle tone.

TEST Powder also has the ingredient Garcinia Mangostana which has been used in Southeast Asia to get rid of painful inflammation and decrease the risk of infection. This could help you recover from injuries faster and could make sure that you don’t have to miss one workout.

However, Garcinia Mangostana has also not been correlated with any ability to increase your production of testosterone.

Side Effects

Fortunately, TEST Powder has all safe ingredients and users have not reported any serious side effects from using TEST Powder.

But because there are some ingredients in TEST Powder that can increase your energy levels, you should be careful not to take TEST Powder too soon before you plan on going to bed. This shouldn’t be too hard, as the makers of TEST Powder recommend drinking this supplement at least one hour before you work out.

Our Opinion

Even though TEST Powder isn’t dangerous and should probably be able to have some benefits on your workout, we simply can’t feel too confident recommending a testosterone booster that doesn’t have any impact on your testosterone levels.

Many users have relied on products with more clinically proven ingredients like Syntheroid. Syntheroid’s formula has helped users increase their testosterone levels so that they can build more lean muscle mass and reach new levels in fitness.

If you have tried TEST Powder, please leave a comment to let us know whether it worked for you, whether you felt any side effects and whether you would try it again!

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