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SustEVOL Review

SustEVOL is a testosterone booster that was eventually discontinued but many people are still searching for it on the web. Many athletes are hoping to find it in stock somewhere on some obscure website, but would it really be worth searching for? SustEVOL was a multifaceted formula designed to raise levels of testosterone, support liver health, and encourage optimal endocrine function. Those who used it seemed to experience some degree of success since consumers are still looking for it years after it vanished from shelves. To find out just how effective it truly was, we investigated its formula for ourselves.

What’s In SustEVOL

SustEVOL’s formula contained several ingredient complexes. The first was a blend of prohormones like 4-chloro-17?-methyl-etiocholan-1, 4-diene-3-17b-diol, 2?, 17?-dimethyl-17?-hydroxy-5?-etiocholan-3-one, and 17?-methyl-17?-hydroxy-5?-etiocholan-2-ene. Prohormones like these are often very effective at supplying the body with precursors needed to construct testosterone and other androgens. However, while these compounds are effective, they can also be dangerous. As you’ll notice, each of these compounds contain “methyl.” Prohomones high in methyl have been associated with several harmful liver side effects.

To counteract the liver problems its formula might cause, SustEVOL included a liver-support blend. This was made from natural extracts like Milk Thistle, Green Tea, Alpha Lipoic Acid, MSM, and Ginger. These extracts and antioxidants look to be a decent mix but they apparently weren’t as powerful as they needed to be if this product was discontinued.

SustEVOL contained two other ingredient complexes worth mentioning. One was made from grapefruit and mushroom extract. To a certain degree, it could help the body better absorb the other ingredients in SustEVOL’s blend but it wasn’t anything too special. The other matrix of ingredients had several extracts that have been known to raise luteinizing hormones. This blend has several ingredients that would be useful in boosting testosterone, but apparently they weren’t strong enough to make up for the damage SustEVOL’s prohormones could cause.

In the end SustEVOL had some effective ingredients but their benefits did not outweigh their risks. Even if you could find this product in stock somewhere, we wouldn’t recommend picking it up. In order to counteract its side effects you would need to buy several additional supplements. We suggest looking into more cost effective and safer testosterone boosters.

SustEVOL User Reviews

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  1. Old user of Omnevol..I have Questions

    Hello, my name is Rion..I use to be a preaty avid body builder up until about roughly 2 years ago when I developed a condition in my hip called AVASCULAR NECROSIS..Anyway, I had 2 surgery’s, and about to have my last one in a few weeks, then 4-6 weeks til I recover 100% and I can get back to my Grind in the Gym….Well, since its been just over 2 years since I have lifted, I have tried to stay as fit as I can, but I am mostly just bulky in a way you can tell I use to lift weights…I was a regular OMNIVOL User with Trenavol on the side as a hardening agent, and I was on pre and post workout powders, and obvious high protein Diet…It was GREAT, I am 5’7″ and at the time I weighed 176 at 7% body fat, and to give you an idea of how strong I was, I never really maxed out for 1 bench press, but I could do 365 for 3 CLEAN REPS..I had a friend whom was a nutritionist and had his own supplement store helping me..My Question is, now that I am almost ready to begin lifting again, which I would obviously take a couple months and just lift naturally on a high protein diet before I get on all the sups..But Now all of a sudden my best helper and all his friends are off the market lol, meaning OMNEVOL, and all the other XXXEVOL’S…QUESTION- WHAT IS THE NAME OR BRAND OF A TEST/HORMONE SUPPLIMENT THAT IS CLOSEST TO OMNEVOL??? Thanks..

    August 1, 2013 9:12 pm
  2. P.S.

    CONTINUE FROM MY COMMENT ABOVE…..I wanted to explain myself on EXACTLY why I asked what I asked….I ask this question above, because I know how this works..I have been lifting for over 10 years…They always come out with a GREAT TESTOSTERONE/HORMONE Suppliment, and then the FDA or whomever gets involved because its so close or preaty much like a weak steroid, and they take it off the market every few years..BUT THEN, after being hush hush for 6 or so months, the company or another company will just come out with basically the same product or sometimes even a better product, but the box looks totally different, and the name is changed…Since I have been out of the game for 2 years, I don’t know what that new one is..Cuz you would hear it from other meat heads in the gym of what company took over or what the “new name” of it is…So that’s my reasoning for the question I asked…Thanks again…

    August 1, 2013 9:20 pm

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