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Reversitol V2 Review

If you’ve researched a number of testosterone-boosting supplements in the past, you’ve probably found that many of these products not only work to increase a body’s natural production of testosterone, but that they also work to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

In other words, testosterone boosters are very similar to aromatase inhibitors by nature. You see, it doesn’t really matter how much testosterone your body produces if it is either, A) not bio-available and “bounded” or B) turned into estrogen by the enzyme known as aromatase.

As such, most testosterone boosters have been equipped by manufacturers with at least one, if not several aromatase-blocking agents in their blends. One such product, known as Reversitol V2, claims to have the best aromatase-blocking formula of them all.

Is this truly the case, or nothing more than a marketing ploy that’s intended to get uninformed customers to bite?

Reversitol V2’s History

To start off, we should probably mention the fact that Reversitol V2 is an upgraded version – hence the “V2” – of its namesake, Reversitol.

Made by the company, iForce Nutrition, Reversitol fell far short of expectations because of a blend that was missing key components. As such, iForce Nutrition went back to the drawing table and created what we know refer to as Reversitol V2.

Reversitol V2 Ingredients

While creating Reversitol V2, iForce Nutrition realized that it had to create some sort of product that would stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen via the aromatase enzyme (as we alluded to above).

With this in mind, iForce Nutrition decided to include not one, but three different aromatase inhibitors in this product’s blend. They include indole 3 carbinol, trans resveratrol and 7-Methoxy-2-phenyl-chromen-4-one (Ellagic Acid).

While both trans resveratrol and indole 3 carbionol are considered stellar aromatase inhibitors, studies have shown that Ellagic Acid is especially efficient because of its highly-absorbent nature.

You see, in order to reach a body’s blood stream, nutrients and compounds must first traverse through cellular membranes found in the intestines. Needless to say, most aromatase inhibitors don’t make this journey very quickly because of their poor bio-availability.

The same can’t be said for the speedy Ellagic Acid though, which is extremely bio-available and easy for the body to absorb and transport.

Reversitol V2 – Our Opinion

Because Reversitol V2 contains two solid aromatase inhibitors and one extremely effective aromatase inhibitor, we’ll have to admit that it serves its purpose nicely.

At the very least, it has much more to offer than its predecessor, Reversitol. So if you’re currently shopping around for a worthy testosterone booster, we’d suggest giving this product some consideration.

If you do decide to give Reversitol V2 a look or two, you can expect to pay around $50 at retail price for it – which is a reasonable and affordable price to ask for in our opinion. Most testosterone boosters sell for around $50, if not more…

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