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Purus Labs D-Pol Review

Purus Labs claims D-Pol is “based purely on human, orally efficacious research.” This claim piqued my interest. If it’s true, Purus Labs D-Pol could be more effective than most testosterone supplements.

Besides boosting testosterone, Purus Labs D-Pol is supposed to increase nitric oxide levels. As long as clinically proven ingredients were used, Purus Labs D-Pol should be safe and effective.

The company claims to use proven ingredients, but I decided to check the facts.

The Ingredients

Purus Labs D-Pol contains a proprietary blend with more words in the title than ingredients. I was pleased to see the company provides references to support their claims about these ingredients.

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid involved in protein synthesis. Although it was discovered in 1827, researchers didn’t prove D-aspartic acid increases testosterone until 2009. For 12 days, men took D-aspartic acid and their testosterone levels increased 42%. Increases in testosterone were noted within a few days, but significant increases came after 12 days.[1]

Nitratine is converted into nitric oxide, which relaxes and widens blood vessels. Nitric oxide benefits include increased blood flow, reduced blood pressure, better nutrient delivery, and enhanced heart health. Multiple studies show nitratine supplements improve exercise performance, promote muscle growth, and speed recovery.[2][3][4]

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble prohormone that enhances calcium metabolism. It has a bigger influence on health, mood, and weight loss than most people realize. For example, sufficient vitamin D levels are linked to weight loss success.[5] What’s more, men taking vitamin D3 in a yearlong study significantly increased their total, serum, and free testosterone levels.[6]

Dosages and the Proprietary Blend

The LH/Free Testosterone/ATP Amplifying Vasodilatory Oxygen Sparing Matrix blend is 3,600.1 mg. It contains these dosages:

• D-aspartic acid: 3,120 mg
• Nitratine: not shown
• Vitamin D3: 4,000IU

According to the official website, researchers haven’t identified what D-aspartic acid dosage is best. During the study, men consumed D-aspartic acid in liquid form, so it is difficult to calculate how many milligrams they took.[1]

Participants in the nitratine studies also consumed liquid products that don’t contain milligrams.[2][3][4] I don’t know how many milligrams Purus Labs D-Pol contains, but it’s less than 480. I’m concerned this might not be enough.

A recent study showed 4000IU vitamin D3 is safe — there’s no risk for toxicity with this amount. Study participants used 3,332IU vitamin D3 to successfully boost testosterone.[6]

Buying Purus Labs D-Pol Online

On, you’ll pay the full retail price for Purus Labs D-Pol. Fortunately, there are other places to buy the supplement where it doesn’t cost as much:

• $47.95
• $36.99
• $27.99 and give you the option to buy powder or tablets. The container with powder holds 30 scoops (30 servings). The container with tablets also has 30 servings (90 tablets).

The latter sites don’t cover Purus Labs D-Pol under their return policies because it’s not a top-recommended supplement. But has a return policy for Purus Labs D-Pol.

The Return Policy

The official website doesn’t provide much detail regarding the return policy:

“If for any reason you are unhappy with your Purus Labs products purchased directly from our web store, you may return the product within 30 days for an exchange.”

That’s all it says. It doesn’t specify if used and unused products are accepted; how many used products you can return; and how much you get in exchange. Are you “refunded” the full amount or are there fees?

Also, 30 days isn’t enough time to really use Purus Labs D-Pol. Some users may get results within 2 weeks, but others might wait 3-4 weeks before seeing improvements. If you only have 30 days, you can’t wait 4 weeks to see if Purus Labs D-Pol works for you or not.

If you want more information, the number for customer service is 1.855.629.6328. Send returns to this address:

Purus Labs
11370 Pagemill Rd.
Dallas, TX 75243

How to Use It

Take 1 scoop or 3 tablets with food during the day. For best results, take the supplement with a meal 1 hour before your workout. Do not take Purus Labs D-Pol late in the day or before bedtime.

Do not take more than 1 serving (1 scoop or 3 tablets) a day.

Purus Labs D-Pol is very potent. It may be stacked with other supplements, but do so with caution. Purus Labs D-Pol may cause unpleasant side effects if used improperly.

Is Purus Labs D-Pol a Good Choice?

The Purus Labs D-Pol ingredients are impressive because each one was clinically tested on people. D-aspartic acid and vitamin D3 significantly increase testosterone levels. Nitratine boosts nitric oxide to improve blood flow, performance, muscle growth, and health.

My only concern is whether or not the right dosages were used. The vitamin D3 dosage is safe and effective. But does Purus Labs D-Pol contain enough D-aspartic acid and nitratine? The research doesn’t say.

When it’s on sale, Purus Labs D-Pol is a good value. But you won’t be able to return it to or

Although it’s not the best testosterone supplement, Purus Labs D-Pol may be worth trying.


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