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Progene Review

*** Since writing this review we have received and heard a heavy amount of complaints about the the Progene “free trial”. We do not sell nor are we in any way affiliated with Progene. states that “Progene subscribers receive their first ten days of product for only the cost of shipping and handling… The bimonthly cost of product beyond the initial trial period is $99.90, including shipping and handling fee. These costs and fees are non-refundable

Anyone seeking a refund/cancellation should contact 1-866-776-4363. If you are unable to get a refund and/or are unable to cancel your “subscription,” we recommend contacting your credit card company.

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Progene: Pros

First off, Progene contains a very safe blend of ingredients that shouldn’t lead to negative side effects that may damage, rather than improve your health.

This is due to Progene offering an all-natural and organic blend of ingredients. The less “chemical” a formula is, the safer it will be for your body to utilize.

Another perk associated with Progene comes from positive testimonials from users who thoroughly enjoyed the effects Progene had on their bodies and health general health.

After all, one of the best ways for a manufacturer to gain credibility, is by producing a top-notch supplement that fulfills its promises!

Lastly, most retailers that sell Progene award customers with a money-back guarantee. That way if they’re in any way dissatisfied, they can return Progene for a full refund. On top of that, you can find free trials of Progene by signing up for the “Progene Challenge.”

Both of these factors obviously make purchasing Progene a less risky option.

Progene: Cons

Unfortunately Progene is far from being perfect, and has a few flaws which we need to address.

To begin with, although Progene promises to be a highly effective and potent supplement, a brief glance at its “unique formula” will tell you that Progene is not so unique after all.

More specifically, if you take a look at Progene’s Proprietary Blend, it only contains 200mg total ingredients per serving. 200mg would greatly suffice if this proprietary blend only included two or three ingredients. But that’s not the case.

In fact, Progene’s blend contains close to 20 ingredients! In our opinion, it’s unlikely you’re receiving effective dosages of each when there’s so many components thrown into such small a pot.

That being said, Progene’s Proprietary Blend only makes up approximately half of its formula, so hopefully you’re receiving adequate quantities of the other ingredients.

Bottom line, offering clinical ingredients is one thing; supplying them in correct and effective dosages is something else altogether. And Progene lacks clinical trials conducted specifically on its overall formula.

Progene – The Verdict

In conclusion, although there are positives associated with Progene such as its safety, there are likewise negatives that leave Progene short of being a top-rated product.

As such, we’re unable to give Progene a solid recommendation.

If you’re looking for the “best of the best” when it comes to testosterone-boosting supplements, you can find our suggestions right here on!

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