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Primadrol 4000 Review

Strangely enough, the ingredients label on the Primaldrol 4000 only lists three separate ingredients. But by doing a little extra detective work, you’ll soon figure out that the first ingredient, which is listed at 1,000 mg and is called, “Primaldrol Mass, Strength, and Size Complex,” is actually made up of nine separate ingredients.

These nine ingredients include the likes of:
Diosgenin– This ingredient acts to lower cholesterol levels in the body.
Stinning Nettle Root Extract– This ingredient serves as a testosterone booster.
DHEA 3B-Hydroxy-5-Androsten-17-onne– This is also another testosterone booster.
LJ 100%– This ingredient serves to increase energy and stamina levels

Other than this nine-in-one ingredient, the only other ingredient of significance is Vitamin B6, which performs multiple functions geared towards boosting your immune system’s health such as monitoring your red blood cell metabolism.

What do these ingredients mean?

Now the question comes to this – why would the manufacturers of the Primaldrol 4000, Panthera Labs, decide to combine nine of its product’s ingredients into one? Most likely, Panthera Labs is trying to hide the fact that these nine ingredients alone do not have strong enough dosages to produce fast results.

If you do some quick math (1,000 mg divided by nine ingredients), on average, each ingredient only has a meager dosage level of about 100-150 mg. This is definitely a cause for concern when you consider that nine out of the eleven ingredients included in the Primaldrol 4000 do not have high enough dosages to truly affect your testosterone levels.

If each of the nine ingredients had a dosage level of 1,000 mg, then things would be a whole different story. But due to this lack of ingredient “power” and quality, it seems as if users of the Primoldrol 4000 may be short cutting themselves out of good results.


In conclusion, we do not recommend the Primaldrol 4000. Although Panthera Labs may advertise its product as the next best thing, its ingredient label basically unearths the major problem with this product.

Add on top of this the fact that the Primaldrol 4000 costs $79.95 at retail price and all the side effects that may come from taking something that will drastically change your hormonal levels, and it becomes a no-brainer – pass on this testosterone-building supplement if you have access to other options.

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