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Orviax Review

Orviax is an all-natural sexual performance supplement that claims to address the two main components of sexual frustration and poor performance: stress and lack of desire.

Want to make love like you did when you were in your twenties? Orviax makers claim that their product will help you achieve the following results:

• Firmer erections that last longer
• A renewed sexual intimacy in your relationships
• Satisfaction in your partners and yourself
• A libido that most men only dream about.

Every man longs to be a better lover. The stresses of life, illness, and age can get in the way of that goal. No one can turn back time, but apparently with Orviax you’ll feel, “like the clock has been wound back on your sex life.”

The manufacturer also claims that, “You can have the same sex drive and ability to perform as you had when you were 18.”

Believe it? Well, there are a lot of hyped-up products in the world of sexual performance supplements, and a lot of conned and disappointed consumers. Let’s see if Orviax is any different.

What’s in Orviax?

The following ingredients are found in Orviax in undisclosed quantities:

• Damiana – reduces stress, increases desire and increases ejaculatory percentage.
• Epimedium – regulates testosterone production which is linked to increased libido.
• Ashwaganda Root – decreases anxiety and improves red blood cells.
• Avena Sativa – used to improve breeding rates in horse. Avena Sativa relaxes you, while simultaneously increasing your sex drive.
• Gingko Biloba – reduces stress and improves blood circulation.
• Korean Ginseng – used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries as an aphrodisiac and to improve penile erection and libido.
• MacaMaca – used in folk medicine for sexual performance.
• Muira Puama – improves blood flow and is essential to an erection. This ingredients relaxes capillaries so blood flow is drastically increased.
• Tribulus Terrestris – boosts testosterone levels for increased libido and performance.

These are typical ingredients for a testosterone supplement, but the undisclosed dosages make us leery. They’re probably thrown into a proprietary blend, and blends are notorious for hiding ineffective quantities.

The one ingredient that’s proven effective in testosterone supplements like Orviax is L-Arginine. It widens arteries and improves blood and oxygen flow to the penis. Sadly, it has not been included in this product.

These ingredients are certainly “natural and herbal”, but where’s the science?

Orviax Side Effects

Orviax may not be completely free from side effects. Talk to your doctor before using this testosterone supplement.


• 67 day money-back guarantee (60 days to try, plus one week to return)
• All-natural ingredients


• Might cause side effects
• Expensive at $57.75
• Customer complaints about refund policy
• Customer complaints regarding effectiveness
• No proven ingredients
• No scientific backing

Orviax Conclusion

There are much cheaper–and effective–sexual performance supplements out there.

Customer testimonials abound on the official website. However, these are usually biased and sometimes fake. Customer testimonials from places other than the official website aren’t as abundant, but they also aren’t as positive about Orviax.

Orviax may be all-natural and “100% herbal”, and certainly an alternative to chemical offerings like Cialis and Viagra, but we recommend that you keep looking for an effective testosterone supplement.

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