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Oral Testibol Review

It’s hard to think you can encounter the “biggest RUSH you’ve ever experienced in your life” just by placing a gel strip on your tongue. But according to the supplement company Primal Muscle, you can with their product, Oral Testibol.

According to the makers of Oral Testibol, their product will give you “vein-popping, clothes-ripping transformation” results, like the fictional character, the Hulk. While this supplement may sound enticing, we’re going to see just how much of a punch is packed into each of these gel strips.

What’s Inside?

In each tongue strip, there is a proprietary blend. It doesn’t take an expert to determine that there isn’t a whole lot of each ingredient on one little strip. In fact, the label indicates that the entire blend in just 15.2 mg. If you have ever looked at a supplement label, you know that it’s common to see hundreds of milligrams per ingredient. 15.2 mg seems irrelevant. But before we jump to conclusions, keep in mind the importance of how Oral Testibol is consumed. Because each ingredient is dissolved into the tongue, it is possible that less of each ingredient is required to pose the same efficiency. That said let’s take a look at each ingredient.

Testosterone Boosters
The 15.2 mg proprietary blend contains ingredients that are considered common testosterone boosters. These ingredients include eurycoma longifolia, tribulus terrestris, and Mucuna Pruriens. These ingredients have all undergone clinical research and have been shown to increase testosterone. However, no tests have been done using tongue strips and therefore, we can’t be sure if they work in Oral Testibol.

Testosterone Enhancers
While these ingredients may not directly affect testosterone levels, they have been shown to mimic the effects of the hormone, providing the body with increased libido and energy. These ingredients include Yohimbe and Horney Goat Weed. Both ingredients have been used as aphrodisiacs because of their ability to boost the sex drive in men.

Two other ingredients found in Oral Testibol’s proprietary blend are Passion Flower Extract and Phyllemblin. Passion flower extract may act as an aromatase inhibitor according to some, but research suggests otherwise. Phyllemblin is used as a food additive and has been shown to contain antioxidants that can improve overall health.

What We Like

Without taking anything else into effect besides the ingredient list, Oral Testibol appears to be a safe and effective testosterone booster. In fact, if these ingredients were found in a typical testosterone supplement (capsule) in amounts that have been clinically proven, we would have no problem recommending this product to you. It’s safe and contains popular and proven ingredients.

What We Dislike

However, aside from the actual ingredients, there isn’t a whole lot to like about Oral Testibol. It is bold of them to think outside the box and put together a testosterone supplement that can be dissolved on the tongue and for that, we commend Primal Muscle for their efforts. But if you are looking for a proven testosterone supplement that is likely to give you results, you’re probably not going to find it in a tongue strip. We don’t like the idea and feel it will not work.

Consumer reviews and online forums back up our theories. Both experts and consumers alike have only negative things to say about this supplement. Don’t get caught up in the hype of this new concept because it will come back to bite you.

What We Recommend

Like we mentioned earlier, we like the actual ingredients in Oral Testibol, just not the delivery method. So if you are looking for an effective testosterone booster, keep these ingredients in mind. Tribulus terrestris, eurycoma longifolia, horney goat weed, and other ingredients have been shown to be effective when provided in proper doses. Keep an eye out for testosterone boosting capsules that contain these ingredients.

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