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Omnevol Review

Omnevol is a testosterone booster that was once very popular in many bodybuilding circles. Many athletes swore by its effectiveness and results. It was designed to supply the body with hormone precursors, endocrine-optimizing extracts, and organ-supporting antioxidants to help boost the production and synthesis of testosterone. But whether it was effective or not, Omnevol was eventually banned. But despite its removal from the market, understanding what was in Omnevol may help you understand what to look for or watch out for in other supplements.

What Was in Omnevol?

The main three ingredients in Omnevol were three prohormones. Specifically, they were 4-Chloro-17a-Methyl-Etiocholan-1, 4-Diene-3-17b-Diol, 2a, 17a-Dimethyl-17B-Hydroxy-5a-Etiocholan-3-One, and 17a-Methyl-17B-Hydroxy-5a-Etiocholan-2-Ene. Usually when you see ingredients like these, you can probably assume that the supplement they are a part of will be taken off the shelves in due time. This is because these compounds are often to closely related to the FDA’s banned list of prohormones. They will help your body increase testosterone levels, supporting better gains in mass and strength but they also cause side effects. These can include the development of male breast tissue, liver damage, and even testicular suppression.

There were some good ingredients in Omnevol’s blend, however. It contained plenty of Tribulus extract. Tribulus has been the subject of many clinical studies. Research indicates that Tribulus can help the body raise luteinizing hormones or LH. LH is used by the body to signal the production of more testosterone in the testes. This approach is all natural and much safer than taking the prohormone route.

Omnevol also contained ingredients to protect users from possible liver damage. Every dose contained Milk Thistle, Ginger, and Alpha Lipoic Acid among others. These compounds are common to many liver therapy blends but they probably aren’t powerful enough to protect the organ from the harm the prohormones in Omnevol could have caused.


Omnevol was probably an effective product but its effectiveness came with quite a price. Due to its unsafe nature, it was discontinued but many other similar products are still on shelves everywhere. New prohormones are being formulated everyday. They hit the shelves, sell tons of bottles, and then are banned. It’s a cycle we see all too often. If you decide to use product that contains prohormones, make sure you do your research on it first.

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