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Nugenix Natural Prostate Support Review

Nugenix Natural Prostate Support

According to Nugenix, Natural Prostate Support “help[s] with prostate flow, function, comfort, and health.”

An all-natural dietary supplement, Prostate Support contains “clinically studied ingredients” proven to increase urinary flow, reduce frequent urination, and support prostate function.

Let’s take a closer look to see if Prostate Support fulfills these promises.

Ingredients in Nugenix Natural Prostate Support

A bottle of Prostate Support has 60 capsules, and 1 serving (2 capsules) contains 894 mg. A discussion of the product’s potent ingredients is given below.

Phytopin (80% Beta Sitosterol) [438 mg]. Alongside treating high cholesterol, beta sitosterol is an effective treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition where the enlarged prostate gland obstructs normal urine flow. Experts recommend taking 60-130 mg beta-sitosterol 2-3 times daily for treating BPH. [1]

Saw Palmetto [272 mg]. Saw palmetto is a common ingredient used to treat BPH, and studies indicate it’s effective for such use. For instance, it showed to help reduce nightly trips to the bathroom. A recommended dosage is 160 mg taken twice daily or 320 mg taken once daily. [2]

While Prostate Support contains less than the prescribed amount, it is most likely enough to have a positive effect on BPH symptoms.

Bladderwrack Extract [75 mg]. Bladderwrack is used for many conditions, such as thyroid disorders, obesity, and arthritis, but experts say there isn’t enough evidence to support its use for any of them. [3]

Bladderwrack contains high concentrations of iodine, which could cause or worsen thyroid problems. WebMD experts note: “Prolonged, high intake of dietary iodine is linked with goiter and increased risk of thyroid cancer.” [3]

Zinc Chelate [75 mg]. Zinc has shown in several studies to prevent prostate cancer development. However, other studies indicate too much zinc may increase prostate cancer risk. [4]

Vitamin E [24.8 mg]. Vitamin E has elicited mixed results from clinical studies. While some researchers conclude vitamin E prevents prostate cancer, other large studies show it has no benefit or may increase prostate cancer risk. [5]

Consumer Reviews

There are few reviews of Prostate Support online. user Brian Klevecz gave the product 5 stars and said the following:

“Very good product and highly recomend using this along with the testosterone products that Nugenix provides. I have noticed more energy .”

Purchasing Prostate Support

While the website does not sell its own products, it relinks buyers to sites that do, such as:

• and both sell Prostate Support for about $22 while the other two sell it for $27. All sites are reputable sellers.

Other retailers not mentioned by the site are,,,, and

Among these, SupplementWarehouse has the cheapest option at $17.50. The site is accredited by and Comodo, and its purchasing process is protected by McAfee SECURE.

About Nugenix

Nugenix is a brand of health supplement products geared for men. It is developed and marketed by Direct Digital, LLC, a company based in Boston and which markets other supplement brands such as Beneflex, Lumiday, and Luminite.

The Nugenix brand office is located in Murray, UT. It carries one other product in addition to Prostate Support, called Testosterone Booster.

Nugenix makes itself available to customers through various means of communication by listing a phone number, physical address, and email address.


Prostate Support is formulated with ingredients proven to treat symptoms of BPH and reduce prostate cancer risk. One reviewer even commented on how the product boosted energy.

But, several ingredients are not clinically proven, and some may increase prostate cancer risk.

Those considering Nugenix Normal Prostate Support may want to remember these cautions.


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