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Novatest Review

Most of testosterone boosters these days avoid controversy by sticking to all natural extracts. Novatest on the other hand, is designed with methylated flavones, ingredients that aren’t exactly compounds you just mash out of plants.

These manipulated chemicals are supposed to inhibit estrogen production, raise free-testosterone levels, and enhance muscle function.

It’s an approach we don’t see taken to often. Wanting to reward innovation and hoping to keep our readers up to date on the latest and greatest testosterone boosting methods we thought we would take a closer look into this supplement.

Key benefits of using Novatest include:

• Increases free testosterone levels

• Increases total testosterone levels

• Inhibits estrogen

• Up-regulation of very large fast-twitch (Type II) muscle fiber myosin heavy chain development

• Promotes conversion of slow-twitch (Type I) muscle fibers to fast-twitch (Type II) muscle fibers

• Enhances the muscle building effects of resistance weight training

Novatest Ingredients

Studies have shown that Methylated Flavones like the ones contained in Novatest have several promising applications. One for instance was their ability to prevent the growth of hormone-dependent cancers.

Often cancer is fed by estrogen. This has led many experts to believe that these Methylated Flavones can function as estrogen blockers. This means they could block aromatase enzymes from using up testosterone to make female sex hormones.

This leaves the body more testosterone to fuel anabolic responses throughout the body.

However, most studies have also shown that while methylated flavones can inhibit aromatization, it is very resilient to metabolism. This makes it hard to absorb once inside the digestive system.

This is the same problem that a popular ingredient called Chrysin went through. A laboratory study in the 80’s showed that Chrysin could stop aromatization but only in a sterile lab environment.

Studies in living beings has revealed that Chrysin cannot pass through the cellular barriers it needs to have its effects.

Novatest Side Effects

If your body is able to absorb Novatest’s ingredients properly, you may get some unexpected results along with your benefits.

Methylated compounds in the past have been common to effective testosterone formulas, but they can also be toxic to the liver. With the risk of hepatic strain or damage, it may be necessary to stack this supplement with a liver-support supplement.

You should be a healthy male over the age of 18 with a clean bill of health from your doctor before you take Novatest.

Novatest’s Price and Guarantee

Expect to pay from $28.00 to $50.00 for a 60 tablet supply.  Novatest does not have an official website, but you can purchase it from many sites that sell this type of supplement.

You can purchase Novatest online from ” XERO LIMITS” where all their products are covered by a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with Novatest, simply return it for a full return minus shipping and handling fees.

Novatest – Conclusion

Novatest is a double-edged sword. One the one side, its ingredients have a low likelihood of being properly absorbed and used by the body.

On the other, you may experience nasty side effects if the ingredients do end up kicking in. With this unpredictability, it may be best to just try another supplement all together.

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