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Natadrol Review

Ready to throw a dumbbell through the wall in rage? The makers of Natadrol claim they have a little known secret that just may make you angry enough to do so. They claim that one of the most common testosterone boosting ingredients, Tribulus Terrestris, is a scam. Now before you throw that dumbbell or even throw away your current supplement, know that what they are saying isn’t really the case.

Tribulus Terrestris is among the more popular testosterone boosters for a reason. It has a history of effectiveness and most products that use it have shown beneficial results. But this review isn’t about Tribulus Terrestris; we’re talking about Natadrol and its effectiveness. Natadrol was created by LG Science as a natural testosterone-boosting supplement. We are going to go over what the makers of Natadrol claim and compare that to our own research to determine just how effective this supplement really is.

Does Natadrol Work?

LG Science raves about their proprietary blend of ingredients, particularly four active ingredients. We’ll go into more detail in the next section about these ingredients, but keep in mind the fact that LG Science claims these ingredients “have real data showing that they are effective.”

Rather than talk about their own product on its official website, the makers of Natadrol take essentially the entire page talking about how ineffective Tribulus Terrestris is. They argue that it is a scam and that real Tribulus Terrestris doesn’t exist anymore. On the bottom of the page they say that, for those who aren’t serious about building muscle, they can “stick to the Tribulus.” In other words, you can only have Natadrol if you are serious. It’s a nice marketing technique to make you think they are legit. However, our research suggests otherwise.

Natadrol Ingredients

Inside a bottle of Natadrol is a 550mg proprietary blend that contains, among other things, 4 active ingredients. These ingredients are:

Curculigo orchioides: Testosterone and libido enhancer

Hibiscus Rosa Sinesis: Natural anabolic

Tinospora cordifolia: Antioxidant

Cissus quadrangularis: Weight loss and testosterone supplement

By first glance, these ingredients may seem effective and beneficial in a testosterone booster, but let’s take a closer look. Curculigo orchioides and Hibiscus Rosa Sinesis were both tested among rats showing increased libido and anabolic results. But one of the studies used 100 mg/kg doses and the other study didn’t disclose the doses. The problem with rat trials is that in order to equate the same dosage in humans, a supplement would have to contain thousands of milligrams; something that Natadrol does not have. So even though these ingredients are on the label, you aren’t likely to see substantial results.

Also, of the four ingredients, one has been shown in studies to decrease testosterone and is considered by many to be a testosterone blocker. That ingredient is Tinospora cordifolia and you can read about it anywhere online. So Natadrol contains testosterone boosters and testosterone blockers. Sounds a little strange, right?

Natadrol – Final Thoughts

On the outside, Natadrol appears to be an effective supplement, and it may have the potential to be, but after doing our own research, we are not too hopeful of that. Natadrol contains some unproven and even counterproductive ingredients and we would not recommend it if you are truly serious about increasing your testosterone.

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