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MPR Elevate Review

For years, avid male athletes and bodybuilders have been using testosterone boosters to enhance their muscle and performance gains. And recently, men have begun using testosterone boosters to improve their sexual performance and drive as well.

So whether your looking to perform at a higher level on the field or in the bedroom, a testosterone booster can help.

That said, you’ll get more for your money’s worth with some testosterone supplements compared to others. With a large market and so many options to choose from, there are bound to be a few bad apples found in the mix.

Is MPR Elevate one of these bad apples, or is it a name that you can trust?

Product Background

Created by ISS Research, MPR Elevate is found in capsule form and contains an all-natural blend of ingredients, including a variety of minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts.

Many of these ingredients are found in MPR Elevate’s proprietary blend – a blend that contains a dosage amount of 2,450 mg per serving.

The Ingredients

Along those lines, a good portion of MPR Elevate’s proprietary blend is made up of three distinct ingredients, all of which we’d like to highlight in this review.

These include:

Trans-Resvertol – This plant-produced substance has the unique ability to inhibit the enzyme known as aromatase. If you know anything about aromatase, you’ll know that its the enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen – a process that is quite detrimental to a man’s health.

Luckily, substances such as Trans-Resvertol can stop aromatase from completing its task.

D-Aspartic Acid – This amino acid-like substance is a proven testosterone booster that not only enhances testosterone levels, but luetinizing hormone (LH) and growth hormone levels as well.

On the other hand, some studies have shown that D-Aspartic Acid can promote aromatase production too – which makes Trans-Resvertol’s presence in MPR Elevate that much more important.

Tribulus Alatus – A close cousin to tribulus terrestris, this herbal extract is also another potent testosterone booster found in MPR Elevate. Not only does Tribulus Alatus promote testosterone production, but it ensures that synthesized tesosterone is free and bio-available as well.

Our Concerns

As you can tell, there is certainly quality found in MPR Elevate’s blend. But does this product lack any pieces that could help its cause?

Well, yes, there is one piece missing from MPR Elevate’s puzzle – that of an absorption enhancer.

These days, many manufacturers equip their products with “micronized” particles, an absorption technology or even Bioperine to ensure that a body puts their blends to good use before ingredients breakdown and are rendered useless.

No such feature is found in MPR Elevate.

Also, proprietary blends can tend to be inconsistent from serving to serving, which is another cause for concern since MPR Elevate’s proprietary blend makes up the bulk of its contents.

Our Opinion

In closing, MPR Elevate is certainly not a bad apple. On the flip side, ISS Research could have done better with this product in a few regards.

With this in mind, while MPR Elevate does warrant further consideration, its not a product that you should be jumping in line for at this very minute.

So take your time and scour other options currently on the market. Speaking of the market, a 42-serving bottle of MPR Elevate costs $70 at retail price.

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