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Methyl 1-D Review

Testosterone boosters belong to a category that sees its fair share of shady products.

With so many brands sneaking in prohormones or synethetic steroids, it is very important to educate yourself about a testosterone booster’s ingredients before purchasing.

One testosterone booster many of our readers have asked about is Methyl 1-D. Like any other testosterone product, Methyl 1-D is designed to raise the body’s anabolic potential, making it easier to stack on muscle and improve muscle-to-fat ratios.

Since it contained prohormones, Methyl 1-D was eventually discontinued, but many consumers are still looking for it in stock around the web.

But ask yourself–even if you could find Methyl 1-D, is it worth it? Is it safe, and can it deliver on results?

Let’s take a closer look at Methyl 1-D.

What’s in Methyl 1-D?

Despite the name, Methyl 1-D contains no methylized ingredients. Methyl chains are a common site in prohormone products. They are proven to help increase anabolic effects, but also cause liver damage. Instead of using prohormones with methyl chains, Methyl 1-D used prohormones that are basically slightly altered forms of DHEA.

DHEA are tame prohormones by comparison. Many supplements claim that DHEA provides the body with building blocks to build testosterone. However, many studies have shown that DHEA has as much likelihood to increase estrogen levels.

Aside from its prohormones, Methyl 1-D used a Metabolism Blend that contained some fairly effective ingredients. The best compounds in that mix were probably Coleus Forskolin and Stinging Nettle extract.

Coleus Forskolin doesn’t necessarily boost levels of testosterone, but it has been shown to be effective at triggering protein synthesis and helping the body build lean muscle tissue.

Stinging Nettle however, has been shown to increase levels of bio-available testosterone. It does this by binding itself to–and occupying–sex hormone-binding globulin, a glycoprotein that blocks much of the body’s natural testosterone from interacting with androgenic receptor sites.

Methyl 1-D Pricing and Guarantee

Shop around for the best price on Methyl 1-D because retailer’s pricing varies as they vie for your business. We found Methyl 1-D anywhere from $39.99 to $79.99!

You’ll also need to take into consideration a money-back guarantee. Outside of an official product website, a refund is hard to come by on opened product. Research accordingly.

Methyl 1-D Consumer Testimonials

“I did a three week cycle with this, and followed it with formadrol. I gained about 2 lbs in three weeks. The label says your gains will be very dry and lean. This is true. My gains weren’t massive like I wanted, but I got very lean and muscular. My strength gains were also pretty good. However, I had a lot of diarrhea while I was on this. I say don’t waste your money. Try to find some old legal gear methyl masterdrol, that is some good stuff! But kinda hard to find.” ~ SportsBro 21

Methyl 1-D – Conclusion

While Methyl 1-D had some effective ingredients, its formula didn’t cut it in the end. It probably caused spikes in estrogen levels while delivering very little benefits.

For testosterone boosting products you can trust, that are backed by science hardcore enough to get the job done, and a full, money-back guarantee, click here.

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