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Mdrive Review

The natural testosterone booster Mdrive has a convincing advertising campaign.

Its ads feature middle-aged and older men boxing, mountain climbing, and even running with tires dragging behind them. This is because Mdrive can apparently make you feel young again by increasing energy, strength, stamina, and overall quality of life.

I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued by Mdrive’s claims and wanted to see if it can actually deliver.

The Story Behind Mdrive

Mdrive comes to us from DreamBrands, a small Phoenix research company committed to producing healthy anti-aging solutions.

Mdrive was invented by Gary Kehoe, director of DreamBrands. Gary spent years trying to produce something that would improve energy and endurance and perhaps even have anti-aging qualities.

Gary wanted to use the “power of the mushroom” in the new product and selected the cordyceps ingredient. Other ingredients were added to support the cordyceps’ function to fuel the body. The finished product was known as Mdrive, a product to help you find your drive.

What’s in Mdrive?

Mdrive is made up of a few key ingredients that are claimed to increase energy and boost testosterone.

Vitamin B12. Many older adults could benefit from taking a vitamin B12 supplement, as vitamin B12 has a long list of healthy benefits for the body. It maintains healthy nerve cells and red blood cells, breaks down fats and proteins, and supports thyroid function. Best of all, it improves muscle tone and energy.

Maca Extract. This Peruvian plant improves semen quality and boosts libido. It improves energy, mood, and sperm production, but it isn’t shown to affect sex hormones.

Damiana Extract. Increasing sexual desire isn’t the only function of this shrub. It also boosts physical and mental stamina.

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract. The key ingredient in Mdrive, cordyceps is a genus of fungi that lives on insects such as caterpillars. Its functions make it sound like a fountain of youth: it increases sex drive and stamina, and reduces fatigue and the effects of aging. It also improves athletic performance because it enhances oxygen intake and absorption. In comparison to dangerous stimulants in other testosterone boosters, cordyceps is natural and safe.

Maitake Extract. This mushroom was used in traditional eastern medicine to regulate blood pressure, insulin, and glucose. It may lower blood sugar and assist diabetes management.

American Ginseng Extract. Ginseng treats erectile dysfunction. It also strengthens the immune system, but it could cause trouble sleeping, headache, agitation, upset stomach, increased blood pressure, and other side effects.

Fenugreek Seed Extract. This plant treats erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol, and digestive problems. It slows absorption of sugar and stimulates insulin, and thus lowers blood sugar. It also increases sexual desire. But it could cause diarrhea, stomach upset, bloating, and gas.

What Do People Think of Mdrive?

We can look at the ingredients all we want, but the best way to see if Mdrive works is to check with consumers.

With Mdrive, though, results are varied. While some thought Mdrive was the best testosterone booster they’ve ever tried, others saw no results.

Take these two reviews from, for example:

Madbuddhist: “So far MDrive has been the best test booster I have tried to date . . . After two weeks on MDrive I felt like I was 20 again. I’m now able to throw myself into my workouts full blast . . .”

DK: “Do not waste your money. This is a completely useless product. No effect at all on any level whatsoever. Besides that, it is really expensive for its zero effect.”

The results on continue in the same vein: some loving the product, others feeling like they wasted their money.

What About the Price?

DK above mentioned that the price was high. Mdrive is, indeed, no cheap product. On, you can buy a 30 day supply for $44.99, or you can buy two and get one free for $99.99.

It’s hard to find on the website, but there is a 60-day money back guarantee offered. So you do have the option to try the product and return it if it doesn’t work.

If you’re confident the product will work, you can find it for a bit cheaper on $39.67.

Mdrive: The Final Say

If Mdrive works as it should, it could immediately increase energy levels. Long term, it claims to support cardiovascular and brain health and restore healthy testosterone levels.

Mdrive may not be the fountain of youth, but it looks like it has some potential. Plus, it is natural and safe and comes with a money back guarantee. But you may want to shop around for a more affordable option.

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