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Mdrive Elite Review

“Don’t let your age beat you! Join the thousands fighting back with Mdrive!” says the official website.

And now there’s Mdrive Elite, their “best energizing testosterone booster yet.”

Mdrive Elite comes with claims to sustain energy and maximize athletic potential. You may wonder whether one little supplement could really restore youth and vitality— so did I.

I looked further into Mdrive Elite to find out more.

Mdrive Elite Ingredients

Mdrive Elite’s unique formula comprises an impressive lineup of vitamins and minerals, including zinc and vitamin D3, both of which are said to raise testosterone. Mdrive Elite also includes the following ingredients:

Diindolylmethane (50 mg). Diindolylmethane is said to prevent cancer and enlarged prostate, conditions which have a greater risk with age. It could also block estrogen’s effects, but there’s not enough information to know if it is safe to use in supplements. [1]

Fenugreek Seed Extract (600 mg). Fenugreek slows sugar absorption, thereby stimulating insulin and lowering blood sugar. However, it is not found to raise testosterone despite claims to the affirmative. [2] Side effects include diarrhea, stomach upset, boating, congestion, and allergic reaction. [3]

KSM-66: Ashwagandha Extract (600 mg). KSM-66 treats fatigue, infertility, and stress. Nevertheless, it may cause allergic reaction or intensify hyperthyroidism. [4]

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract (500 mg). Cordyceps promotes exercise endurance capacity of rats and has an anti-fatigue effect on mice. [5] [6] However, human results have yet to confirm its effect on athletic performance.

Maitake Extract (95 mg). Maitake mushroom lowers blood sugar and eliminates free radicals, improving overall health. It also lessens age-related hypertension and reduces inflammation and thus reverses the effects of aging. [7]

American Ginseng Extract (100 mg). Ginseng strengthens the immune system, fights stress, and treats disease. It should not be used long term, as it causes insomnia, upset stomach, and agitation. [8]

Maca Extract (65 mg). Maca slightly increased sexual wellbeing in patients with erectile dysfunction. [9] However, it did not raise testosterone levels. [10]

Damiana Extract (45 mg). Through chemicals that affect the nervous system, damiana may increase sexual desire and stamina. It’s generally safe, but large doses (more than 200 g) could cause convulsions. [11]

Bioperine (5 mg). This black pepper extract promotes ingredient absorbency and potency. [12]

What Do People Think About Mdrive Elite?

Mdrive Elite is a new product, so there are no reviews to tell us how it’s worked on customers. But, there are a fair amount of reviews for the original product, Mdrive. Let’s see what some people had to say on
• “I had my doctor test my levels before and after 90 days of taking MDrive. My levels actually dropped by 100 points after taking this for 90 days. The claims made by the manufacturer are misleading. If your t levels are normal, this might be a good general health supplement, it will not, however, increase your t levels.” (James Pacelli)
• “I noticed a real benefit after about 5 weeks. As with most natural supplements, you really need to give them about 8 weeks to see if it is the right formula for your body. . . . I have noticed increased energy, my muscles are beginning to be more defined & my sex drive is stronger along with performance.” (T. Schmidt)
• “I don’t know if they worked or if I am just feeling better because it is summer. I won’t buy them again. I would if they cost, let’s say, $19.99.” (Blackbriar)
• “So far MDrive has been the best test booster I have tried to date. I’m 35 and I have noticed a decline in my mood, energy and sex drive due to diminishing testosterone levels. After two weeks on MDrive I felt like I was 20 again. I’m now able to throw myself into my workouts full blast without the help of an energy drink, and I’m noticing a difference in performance and lean muscle gain as well.” (Madbuddhist)

As you can see, Mdrive worked differently on everyone, and each person is quite opinionated about its results.

Mdrive Elite Side Effects

In response to a question on the website about Mdrive side effects, the company answered:

“Having sold Mdrive for several years, we’ve not had any reports of any adverse side effects outside of potential allergies an individual might have to any of the ingredients. However, most people are aware of any allergies they may have so even this is rare.”

Side effects reported by users on included insomnia, jitteriness, and allergic reaction. However, most users did not report side effects.

Taking Mdrive Elite

Take 3 capsules in the morning with food.

Mdrive Elite Pricing

A 60-day supply of Mdrive Elite is available for $59.99 at both and That’s a cost of about a dollar per pill.

Mdrive Elite: The Bottom Line

Mdrive Elite has a low chance of side effects. But, whether it works is a gamble, making its price a bit high. Until Mdrive Elite proves it’s worthy of its price, I won’t recommend it.


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