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LG Sciences MMv3 Review

LG Sciences is the company behind a testosterone boosting complex called MMv3, which stands for Methly Masterdrol XL.

MMv3 is formulated to help raise levels of free testosterone by providing the body with androgenic precursors.

To provide more comprehensive benefits, MMv3 contains a blend of natural extracts and engineered prohormones to help carry out its objectives. However, it either wasn’t that effective or it was unsafe because MMv3 has recently been discontinued.

Though MMv3 is not necessarily as popular as Syntheroid, it has still been widely used by many looking to boost their testosterone.

Despite being discontinued, however, MMv3 is still in stock at many online stores and many consumers are busy snatching it up before it runs out completely. Is MMv3 really worth grabbing before it’s gone for good? Let’s find out.

What’s in LG Sciences MMv3?

The are several ingredients in MMv3 but here are some of the ones that caught our eyes most:
3-Alpha-Hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one- This pine pollen extract contains a base compound called etioacholan. This chemical, if used correctly by the body, can be converted into a androgenic hormone called androstenedione.

Androstenedione is actually a precursor of testosterone. It is considered an intermediate step in a the biological pathway that eventually generates and produces testosterone.
7-methoxy-8- (3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl) -2H-chromen-2-one- This compound also provides the body with testosterone precursors making it easier for the body to convert MMv3’s formula into anabolic fuel to build mass and develop muscular strength.

What are LG Sciences MMv3’s Side Effects?

While the prohormones listed above are effective, they have been known to cause several side effects.

For instance, prohormones that boost androstenedione, have been known to cause suppression of natural testosterone production. This is why it was necessary to follow up a cycle of MMv3 with a solid hormone therapy supplement to make sure it didn’t cause too many problems.

Prohormones that contain traces of methyl have been linked to other side effects also. Methyl has proven itself toxic to the liver. Thus, using MMv3 had the chance of causing liver damage. This made it necessary to stack this supplement with a liver health supplement just to ensure it didn’t cause too much damage.

Conclusion on LG Sciences MMv3

After careful analysis, we cannot recommend stocking up on LG Sciences MMv3.

If you don’t want it to cause side effect you will have to combine it with at least two other supplements, making it an inefficient use of money. There are plenty of testosterone boosters that work great and don’t pose the health risks MMv3 does.

Instead, we recommend looking into Syntheroid or other products that are more efficient with testosterone boosting and will not require extra supplementation. These products are also still available from many retailers and create far less hassle than MMv3.

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