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Intensi-T Review

The effectiveness of a product depends on the ingredients found inside. When researching a testosterone booster, you want to make sure the product not only contains proven active ingredients, but also the correct dosage of each ingredient. You usually want to avoid proprietary blends because they sometimes do not disclose the true ingredient list and more often don’t tell you the amount of each individual ingredient.

Intensi-T is a testosterone supplement that utilizes common ingredients in proprietary blends. The makers of Intensi-T, Champion Nutrition, claim that their product will increase your testosterone by 98% and they say they have the research to back it up. We did our own research into Intensi-T and found some interesting results. We’re going to break down each ingredient and show you the research behind them.


This proprietary blend contains a few common ingredients that are popular in the testosterone supplement world. These ingredients are Testofen fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, and eurycome longifolia. The 98% testosterone increase claim comes from a study done on Testofen fenugreek that showed a 98.81% increase in testosterone levels among participants who were given the natural extract.

Other research was done on eurycome longifolia that showed an effective increase in testosterone among rats who were given the plant extract when compared to a control group.

Unlike the other two ingredients in this proprietary blend, tribulus terrestris did not fare so well in its clinical trial. One clinical study showed little difference between active rugby players who were given T. terrestris extract and those that were given a placebo.

Finally, Champion Nutrition does not disclose the dosage of each ingredient, which means that even the effective ingredients in this blend may not be supplied in the correct amounts. All we can do is speculate.

Intensi-T Performance Blend

Like with the TestoBlend, Champion Nutrition does not list the dosage of each ingredient included in Intensi-T Performance Blend. There are two ingredients in this blend that are both designed to hinder any possible adverse effects. These ingredients are saw palmetto extract and chrysin.

Saw palmetto extract has been tested and shown to inhibit the production of DHT. DHT is produced from testosterone and can cause male pattern baldness when supplied to the body in high amounts. When testosterone is increased, so is the likelihood of DHT production. Saw palmetto extract decreases that likelihood.

Chrysin is also included to inhibit the production of a secondary hormone, this hormone being estrogen. Too much estrogen in males can lead to fat gain especially in the pec and abdomen areas. Chrysin hinders the aromatase enzyme which, in turn, slows down estrogen production.


Zinc is known by many as the number one testosterone boosting mineral and provides a second benefit by decreasing estrogen production.


Intensi-T only contains 100mg of magnesium, which is hardly sufficient to cause any major results. However, magnesium has been shown to increase free testosterone so it could provide some small benefits.


This breakdown of ingredients should help you determine if Intensi-T is right for you. If you want our recommendation, we suggest trying it out for at least a month. While it has ingredients that are completely unproven and others that are supplied in unknown amounts, the price of one bottle of Intensi-T is relatively low at $18.99. While we typically stay away from proprietary blends, Intensi-T shows some potential.

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