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HMG Xtreme Reviews Review

HMG Xtreme was yet another testosterone boosting product that relied heavily on prohormones to get its job done. It functioned by providing the body with hormonal percursors that only needed to undergo a few more metabolic processes to be converted into testosterone. Because prohormones are so similar to synthetic steroids, most effective prohormone products have been banned or discontinued. HMG Xtreme is no exception. We wanted to take this time to show you why formula’s like HMG Xtreme’s were discontinued.

What’s in HMG Xtreme?

Like most prohormones, HMG Xtreme contains a very complicated chemical compound. Specifically, HMG Xtreme contains a component called 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-17~-hydroxy-5a-etioallocholane. That is quite a mouthful. When you see chemical ingredients like this, you can immediately spot a few things. First the “etioallocholane” indicates that HMG Extreme aims to help the body build more androstenedione, a testosterone precursor. The second thing you should notice is the “methyl” in the name. Methylated prohormones have been proven very effective at providing anabolic muscle growth, fat loss, and enhanced body composition but they came with a price.

Does HMG Xtreme Cause Side Effects?

With a methylated compound, HMG Xtreme likely caused several side effects. The major adverse effect methylated chemicals have on the body is liver damage. Unless combined with the right liver-health supplement, HMG Xtreme could definitely cause strain and damage to one of the most vital organs within the body.

Aside from being harmful for the liver, HMG Xtreme’s ability to produce androstenedione and then testosterone had a high probability to cause jumps in estrogen levels. As steroids raise testosterone levels, aromatase enzymes have a hay-day, converting huge amounts of androgenic hormones into estrogen. More estrogen in a male’s system could lead to the development of breast tissue, oily skin, acne, and water retention. To counteract this, HMG Xtreme would need to be stacked with a powerful aromatase inhibitor.

Final Word on HMG Xtreme

HMG Xtreme was discontinued for good reason. Using it in a way that wouldn’t cause side effects was a little too complicated for the average consumer. Even if you could find a bottle of this stuff around and used the right auxiliary supplements, we think you could get more results for your money by trying an all natural testosterone booster that causes no side effects.

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