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Hightest for Men Testoster-1 Review

Testosterone can be useful for a variety of reasons. Whether you are looking to build muscle or improve sexual performance, you can probably benefit from a bit more testosterone.

Most testosterone boosters claim to be able to increase libido and boost energy and Hightest for Men Testoster-1 is no different. What makes Hightest unique is the way in which it enters the body.

What’s Inside?

Hightest utilizes a unique formula as well as a unique delivery method. Some testosterone boosters are meant to be swallowed as a pill while others can be dissolved under the tongue. Some can even be mixed into your favorite drink and taken on the go. But Hightest is designed to be applied to the skin, like a lotion, where the active ingredients can absorb into the body and function.

The problem with this method is that has never been tested, let alone proven to work. You may have proven and active ingredients in Hightest’s formula, but because they are applied to the skin, you can’t be sure it will work.

Among Hightest’s active ingredients, we were only able to find 2 that can produce any testosterone boosting results.

Arginine is better-known for its ability to increase nitric oxide. Also, since arginine is an amino acid, it can be an effective protein supplement. A lesser-known effect to arginine is the theory that it can also aid in the production of growth hormones like testosterone. These results have not been proven.

Tribulus Terrestris
A handful of studies have been done using tribulus and appear to be conflicting. Some studies suggest that tribulus is effective in increasing testosterone, but these studies are mostly done using rats. Human studies have not been as successful.

The remaining ingredients in Hightest’s formula are typically found in cosmetic and skin care products. This makes sense because Hightest is a skin cream, but they are not going to help build testosterone levels in your body.

What We Like

The makers of Hightest went out on a limb when making this testosterone booster. We generally like innovation and new ideas. If Hightest actually works, we like the fact that you can get higher amounts of testosterone just by applying a lotion to the skin.

Also, for a concept as different as Hightest’s, the price of it is quite affordable. You can find a bottle of Hightest for around $32 and you don’t even have to order it online. Your local Walgreens will likely have a supply of Hightest for Men.

What We Don’t Like

When you look past the potential of Hightest, you see a lot of holes. We already pointed out the fact that the delivery method is quite unproven. There are no official studies that suggest that tribulus terrestris and arginine are effectively absorbed through the skin. In fact, some studies suggest that tribulus is poorly bioavailable even when taken orally. This gives us little hope for Hightest.

The most skepticism we have for Hightest is in fact that Hightest’s blend is proprietary. A 1 gram proprietary blend that contains 23 ingredients does not seem to promising, especially when only two of those ingredients appear to actually cause anabolic results.

What We Recommend

Some of you readers love to try new things, you know who you are. If you are into that, then we don’t see a reason not to try Hightest. We never said it doesn’t work, but that it is simply unproven. Somebody has to prove that it works and it might as well be you.

However, we recommend to everybody else to simply wait. Shop around for something more proven. If testosterone boosting skin creams becomes the wave of the future, then go ahead and try it in the future, but for now we suggest you save your money.

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