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HexaTest Hardcore Pro Review

HexaTest Hardcore Pro Series is a supplement by a company called MuscleTech. MuscleTech has provided several decent supplements in the past but they have also had their failures. Their track record is mixed and not as clean as we would like. HexaTest Hardcore Pro Series is one of their latest testosterone boosters. Like other products in its category, it aims to boost levels of testosterone naturally and safely to help you unlock better bodybuilding results in the weight room. Let’s see if they get the job done.

What is in HexaTest Hardcore Pro Series?

There are several good ingredients in this product. The best is probably fenugreek. This extract is rich in chemicals that have been shown to help the pituitary gland create more luteinizing hormones (LH). Once created, LH is sent into the testes where it interacts with cells to initiate the production of testosterone. For this reason, fenugreek is quickly becoming one of the most popular and perhaps the strongest all-natural testosterone booster on the market.

Aside fenugreek, HexaTest Hardcore Pro Series contains D-aspartic acid, massularia acuminate, and sacred lotus. These have been used in many successful products, but so far their the evidence of their benefits is only anecdotal. So far, studies have only really shown that these extracts and compounds are able to raise levels of testosterone in animal testing, not human. So unless you’re a giant rat who can read and surf the internet for testosterone supplements, these ingredients are not guaranteed to work for you.

This supplement also contains Carnitine, a beneficial amino acid that has long been thought by scientists to help increase athletic performance. Although it is worth taking, it hasn’t been shown to manipulate androgen hormonal levels.


Without conclusive human trials on the majority of HexaTest Hardcore Pro Series’s ingredients, we are wary to recommend this supplement. We aren’t saying that it won’t work because some bodybuilders swear by some of the ingredients. We are just saying you have no guarantee. Look into a different testosterone booster if your looking for a safer investment.

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