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Hexaghen Review

Designed to boost muscle and testosterone gain, Hexaghen is a unique supplement for several reasons. For one thing, it comes in an easy-to-dissolve form and doesn’t target muscle cells directly.

Atypical Way

Unlike many of its testosterone-building brethren, Hexaghen does not directly hone in on muscle cells themselves. Rather, Hexaghen is referred to as an “IGF-1 activator.” If you haven’t heard of IGF-1 before, this substance is actually a protein produced in our bodies, and is short for Insulin Growth Factor-1.

More importantly, IGF-1 is believed to enhance both the growth and production of muscle cells. Thus, theoretically, an increase in IGF-1 caused by Hexaghen should help to increase the mass of muscle cells and the amount of these cells found in a user’s body. Consequently, users should see major gains in both muscle and strength as a product of taking Hexaghen.

Tablet Form

Along with this ability to affect the IGF-1 protein, Hexaghen has been designed to be taken in an easy-to-dissolve form, and is known as a “FastSorb delivery tablet.” These “FastSorb tablets” are actually designed to be placed under the tongue, where they can be easily dissolved in a short amount of time.

Once dissolved, “FastSorb tablets” like Hexaghen should bypass the intestinal tract and liver, straight into the bloodstream of a user – increasing its potency and efficiency while decreasing the time it takes for a body to take advantage of its ingredients.

Hexaghen Ingredient Issue

That said, not every claim that Hexaghen makes seems to be promising. If you take a peek at its ingredient label, you’ll notice that there is only one ingredient listed – Hexaghen.

This “Hexaghen” ingredient comes in a dose of 12.6mg, but if you look even closer you’ll notice that two-sub ingredients – Ketonic Isomers and GHRP-2 Hexapeptide Acetate – are combined to create this all-in-one ingredient.

If you do some easy math that means that these sub-ingredients only contain a dosage level of 6.3mg. In comparison, most potent ingredients boast of 100mg dosage levels.

What Hexaghen Users Are Saying

Strangely enough, most users have reported positive muscle and strength gains from taking this supplement. Furthermore, those gains came in short amounts of time, proving that Hexaghen can be effective if used properly and as directed.

Comments about the safety of Hexaghen did differ from user to user. Some users reported little to no side effects associated with the product, while others reported major side effects after use. Of course, side effects are always an issue when it comes to testosterone supplements.

Hexaghen – Final Thoughts

To conclude this review, we’ve listed several pros and cons of Hexaghen but haven’t tied them all together in recommendation form.

So here it is: We do recommend Hexaghen, but not strongly, and with a word of caution. This may be one of those hit-and-miss products that can do wonders for one individual, while doing nothing at all for another person.

If you do decide to take Hexaghen, be sure to pay close attention to the effects it’s having on your body – both the positive and negative kinds.

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