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Fire Drol Review

This testosterone-building diet pill promises to increase muscle gain in your body in just a few short weeks. According to Fire Drol, just one cycle or about 30 days of taking the product will increase your testosterone levels by up to 1500%, thus increasing your muscle gain at a tremendous rate.

Fire Drol claims to accomplish this feat by using clinically-proven ingredients that deliver both androgenic and anabolic stimulation to your body. This not only results in large gains in terms of strength and power, but can also boost your energy and endurance levels.

Fire Drol also comes in four different supplement versions including the Fire Drol Testosterone Boost Stack, Fire Drol Estrogen Block, Fire Drol Prostrate Protect, and Fire Drol Endurance Complex.


Each supplement version of the Fire Drol is made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients – with each differing according to their specific purpose. The Fire Drol Testosterone Boost Stack includes the most ingredients including testosterone boosters like Icarrin, to antioxidants such as Cissus Quadrangularis.

Also, both the Magnesium Asparate and Vitamin B6 found in the Boost Stack help to maintain and convert blood sugar into energy. A cholesterol-reducing ingredient, Fenugreek Extract, is also part of its proprietary blend.


Along with the aforementioned pros, Fire Drol also claims to be an extremely safe supplement. While many muscle-building supplements tend to have adverse effects on major organs found in the body such as your kidneys, heart, and liver, Fire Drol promises no negative side effects to these vital organs.

If this promise is truly the case, this bit of information would make Fire Drol a big draw with the weight lifting and muscle-building community.


Although no major side effects supposedly come with the Fire Drol, users have reported other problems such as headaches, acne, rashes, and nausea.

Perhaps more importantly, Fire Drol has not been studied or tested clinically. Although individual ingredients found in Fire Drol have been clinically-tested, the supplement itself can claim no such ground. This tidbit means that Fire Drol can’t actually guarantee any of its promises, including its ability to build muscle quickly.

On top of its lack of credibility, the proprietary blends found in Fire Drol also bring the product’s dependability and consistency into question. Proprietary blends are often inconsistent from one blend to the next, making it hard to know exactly how much of each ingredient is in each blend. Just one overdose or under dose of a specific ingredient may cause a blend to act irrational, thus making it hard to trust Fire Drol and its guarantees.


In conclusion, due to the uncertainty surrounding this product, we do not recommend Fire Drol to consumers. Although it does have potential, purchasing Fire Drol would be a major risk in our eyes. Those of you who are looking into testosterone and muscle-building supplements should look elsewhere before taking your chances with Fire Drol.

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