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EST Test Drive Review

EST Test Drive

EST Test Drive is a testosterone boosting supplement designed to boost energy in the gym and in the bedroom. Many men worry they do not have sufficient testosterone to accomplish simple tasks like crushing it on weights or satisfying their woman. EST Test Drive is an option to address this problem.

To see if EST Test Drive delivers, let’s look at what people who are already using it say. Then we’ll dig deep into Test Drive’s proprietary blends to see if quality, effective ingredients are used.

From Those Who Took a Test Drive of Test Drive

Test Drive is a fairly new product, so the majority of users are beta testers. These testers made logs of their workout (and bedroom) experiences with Test Drive. Here are their ratings:

“At first I didn’t think Test Drive was doing much, but I can’t deny all the PR’s I’ve set these past couple of weeks. I just keep getting stronger and stronger! I think it also affected my sex drive. I am always checkin out girls in the gym now, not something I used to always do. I can’t help it though! Good product for sure. Would rate 8/10. Satisfied.” –Mormonpickett,

“The first week I didn’t notice much just a little aggression and irritability. Going into the second week my ED was improving I woke up with a pitched tent every morning and much thru the night! So I put it to the test I went to my girl’s house and we did the deed 6 times in the time frame I was there which was a big improvement from not wanting it ever LOL… By the end of the bottle I was a sex machine and my testes were bigger than they were much much bigger… So as a test[osterone] and libido booster I’d give it a solid 9/10.” –Jrmuscle,

Ingredients Included in EST Test Drive

Test Drive generally receives high marks from testers. The following is a list of the main active ingredients that contribute to Test Drive’s effectiveness.

TRIBuzine Blend (Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Blend)

There are 700 mg TRIBuzine in each serving of Test Drive.

Tribulus Terrestris appears to be the only ingredient in this proprietary blend.

In one study, elite rugby players were given 450 mg tribulus or a placebo daily for 5 weeks. At the end of the study, the tribulus-fed athletes had gains in strength and fat free mass, but no more than the placebo group. [1]

In another study, primates with erectile dysfunction were given 30 mg/kg tribulus. Scientists saw testosterone levels increase 52% and decided it would be a promising treatment for humans with mild to moderate ED. [2]

Test Drive has such a high dose of tribulus terrestris it should be effective at raising testosterone levels.

TESTApro (Maximizing Testosterone Primer)

This proprietary blend contains 500 mg of the following ingredients.

Indole-3-Carbinol is commonly found in vegetables. It is commonly used as a hormone balancer. It also promotes immune system health and removes toxins. Less than 200 mg indole-3-carbinol is an effective dose. [3]

Tongkat Ali is shown in animal studies to increase testosterone. Unfortunately, with little human research being done, the effectiveness is unclear. [4]

3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran is a sex hormone-binding chemical. It treats the symptoms of prostate cancer. A typically helpful dose is 120 mg given three times daily. [5]

EPO-vol (Natural Red Blood Cell Potentiator)

There are 200 mg of the following ingredients in this proprietary blend.

Beta Vulgaris, also known as beet, has potential to elevate triglycerides and increase available nitrous oxide. [6]

L-Carnitine HCL produces energy for heart, brain, and muscle function. The accepted effective dose for male infertility is 500 mg. [7]

Icariin has been shown in studies to increase testosterone circulation and slow penis cell death. The amount used in one study was 20 mg/kg body weight. For a 200-pound man, an effective dose is 1814 mg. [8]

Hawthorne Berry is used to improve the heart’s ability to effectively pump blood through the body. This supplement interacts with certain health medications including beta blockers and nitrates, so it should not be taken without a doctor’s supervision. [9]

L-Leucine has a high oxidation rate. It improves muscle growth and decreases muscle breakdown during exercise. An effective dose is 50 mg/kg. For a 200-pound man, the dose should be 4535 mg. [10]

Beta Alanine is shown to increase peak oxygen utilization during high-intensity interval training. The most effective dose was 1.5 g beta alanine. [11]

Pyridoxine HCL, or vitamin B6, is typically needed by people who consume excessive alcohol, have liver disease, overactive thyroid, or heart failure. Pyridoxine supplements tend to come in 50 mg doses. [12]

How Much Does EST Test Drive Cost?

Test Drive retails for $33 at and $43 at Each tub contains 120 capsules. The serving size is 4 capsules, so the tub should last a month. At the cheapest price, each dose costs $1.10.

Should You Buy EST Test Drive?

EST Test Drive contains almost exclusively proprietary blends. Usually this is not a positive quality, since the doses of individual ingredients are not given. Sometimes is it impossible for each proprietary blend to contain adequate dosage of the ingredients.

However, in this case, the largely positive consumer feedback makes me less wary about the individual ingredients. It appears users are largely satisfied with strength and testosterone gains.

If found at a competitive price, EST Test Drive is a viable testosterone booster.


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