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IBE Epistane Review

IBE Epistane is a prohormone product that has experienced quite a bit of success since it was developed. Its formula is designed to help create the anabolic environments necessary to help men build muscle, develop better strength, and improve body composition. Customer reports show that many of its users are able to stack on 10 pounds or more of muscle.

Some of the benefits IBE Epistane claims you should gain….

• Incredible strength gains
• Dry, lean mass gains
• Gynocomastia Protection
• Increased libido
• An increased training intensity and sense of well-being
• And possibly reductions in gynocomastia

If IBE Epistane is able to produce these kind of benefits, is it worth using despite the possible side effects? Let’s take a closer look.

IBE Epistane Ingredients

The only ingredient in IBE Epistane is a compound called 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol, or Methepitiostane for short. Methepitiostane, like most prohormones, helps the body experience both androgenic and anabolic results. But unlike many other prohormones, studies found that its androgenic effects were much less potent than its anabolic results.

This means that IBE Epistane is able to help the body build muscle tissue without having to produce too many androgen hormones that could be converted into estrogen.

This means that IBE Epistane comes with a lower risk of causing side effects like man-breasts, oil skin, and water retention.

Is IBE Epistane Safe?

Just because IBE Epistane has less potential to cause estrogen-like side effects, doesn’t mean that it is completely safe.

IBE Epistane’s main ingredient, Methepitiostane has quite a bit of methly in its chemical make up.

Alkylated anabolic/androgenic steroids can be hepatotoxic and prolonged or high exposure may result in liver damage and pose cardiovascular risks. In rare instances life-threatening liver dysfunction may develop.

It is advised to consult with a physician periodically during each cycle to monitor liver function and your overall health. Intake of an alkylated supplement is usually limited to 6-8 weeks, in an effort to avoid any increasing liver strain.

Containing Methyls in prohormones often indicates that they will cause liver strain and damage.

For this reason, the makers of IBE Epistane recommends that while taking any hepatotoxic anabolic/androgenic supplement it should be stacked with liver-health supplement.

IBE Epistane’s Cost and Return Policy

To purchase a bottle containing 90 capsules, expect to pay from $40.00 to $50.00. If you chose to buy directly from the IBE Epistane website, they have a link that will take you to where you can place your order.

IBE Epistane might be found for less from online sites selling similiar products. You won’t find anything about a money back guarantee or satisfaction guarantee on IBE Epistane either, as a matter of fact, most supplements like this won’t be backed by guarantees of any type.

IBE Epistane – Conclusion

Having to buy other supplements to counteract IBE Epistane’s side effects, makes this product somewhat inefficient. It would be best to find one supplement that could get the job done on its own without causing any harmful side effects to begin with.

In fact, we recommend being cautious of most prohormone products. Most can cause quite a few complications unless stacked with several other supplements.

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