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EPIQ Test Review

EPIQ Test manufacturers claim this testosterone booster is truly epic. They say it qualifies as epic because it contains powerful doses of well-known, all-natural ingredients and does not require cycling.

With a guarantee that all EPIQ products are free of banned substances and manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices standards, EPIQ test piqued my curiosity. If it has piqued yours as well, read on to find out whether EPIQ Test is worth a try.

What’s in EPIQ Test?

EPIQ Test contains natural ingredients claimed to raise testosterone. Let’s look at 3 key ingredients in EPIQ Test:

Tribulus Fruit Extract. Tribulus terrestris is one of the most common ingredients you’ll find in testosterone-boosting supplements, and many users believe it builds muscle. However, studies don’t align with tribulus’s popularity.

In one study, tribulus terrestris was given to 21 young men in doses of 20 or 10 mg/kg body weight per day. There was no significant difference found between tribulus terrestris supplemented groups and controls in testosterone levels. [1]

Maca Root. In one study, 2400 mg maca root improved perception of sexual well-being in men with erectile dysfunction. [2]

However, in another study, 1500 and 3000 mg maca did not have an effect on testosterone. [3]

Fenugreek Seed Extract. A dosage of 500 mg fenugreek for 8 weeks, combined with a resistance-training program, improved testosterone more than a placebo. [4] The same dosage also improved upper and lower body strength and body composition in a separate trial. [5]

According to WebMD, fenugreek might cause side effects like stomach upset, allergic reactions, or lowered blood sugar.

How Is EPIQ Test Rated by Customers?

A total of 17 people reviewed EPIQ Test on and gave it an average of 3.8/5 stars; 76% of reviewers said they would recommend it to a friend.

Let’s take a look at a few comments from customers:

• “I’ve been taking TEST for almost two weeks now and I can certainly tell a difference. I have noticed that I have more energy not only during my workouts but throughout the day in general. One of the best things about TEST is that you only have to take one pill a day.” (cboussu)

• “I took this for 8 weeks. I saw no improvement whatever. For the price, I’m very disappointed.” (augiemosco)

• “If you are looking for a product that actually works then this is for you. This product is easy to take and it is very effective. After just one cycle i saw significant gains in strength and muscle mass along with improved energy levels everyday.” (cpoff25)

Is EPIQ Test a Good Price Value?

EPIQ Test costs $79.99 at, but I found it for as low as $38.00 in other locations. Although this is reasonable for a 2 month supply, you’ll probably find a cheaper testosterone booster with similar ingredients.

What’s the Final Word on EPIQ Test?

EPIQ Test is made of popular testosterone-boosting ingredients; its formula is trustworthy but not particularly unique. While the majority of customers thought it was effective, others thought it was nothing to get excited about.

EPIQ Test is a solid testosterone booster, but perhaps not the best of its class.


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