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DVS Raw Review


The bottle logo of DVS Raw shows a blue letter D and S on either side of a mammoth V shaped like a head of antlers. This clever design lets you know just what’s inside: deer antler velvet. DVS Raw is one of the most popular deer antler velvet supplements available.

With such a reputation, DVS Raw is worth a closer look. Let’s find out if the ingredients justify DVS Raw’s popularity.


DVS Raw only has one ingredient: 550 mg deer antler velvet.

Deer antler velvet is used for a variety of purposes, although not all have been proven effective by scientific studies. Among other things, deer antler velvet is used to boost strength and endurance, improve immune system function, promote youthfulness, sharpen thinking skills, and increase red blood cells. [1]

Deer antler velvet contains IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), a growth factor that stimulates production of human growth hormone. Human growth hormone regulates human growth, including muscle growth. [2]

In one scientific study, deer antler velvet was tested for effectiveness. For 10 weeks, 38 active males were given deer antler velvet and endurance training. The study found no increases in IGF-1, but subjects experienced greater strength and endurance. [3]

Dosage Instructions

The manufacturer suggests taking 2 capsules daily to for optimum results.

For even quicker results, the manufacturer suggests a loading phase. This phase should only last 1-2 weeks. In this phase, 4 capsules can be taken daily.

Consumer Reviews

This product receives mixed reviews. Some reviewers saw increased energy, more strength, and better sleep. Other consumers saw no benefits whatsoever. Here are a few of these mixed reviews:

“Definitely could tell a difference using this product. Granted it took at least a week to notice. I was gradually putting up more weight, and adding more muscle. The added effect of a deep sleep was a plus. From someone that works nights I average 4-5 hours of sleep a day, taking the DVS I’m getting 8 or more easily. Love this stuff!!!”—Kkaaihue,

“This did nothing for the pains I have been experiencing. I noticed no difference in gains either. The only thing that this did for me that it or others claims to do was put me in a deep sleep. I took as directed for the initial loading phase. I would not buy this again.” –Charlesdii,

Potential Side Effects

Some users of deer antler velvet experience mild allergic reactions. Other than that, there are no other observed side effects from deer antler velvet.

In a few isolated cases, some deer antler velvet products contained contaminants such as tranquilizers or anesthetics. Fortunately, no contaminants were found in DVS Raw. [4]

There are also potential side effects from the raised hormone levels, but there have not been long-term studies of artificially raised human growth hormone levels in humans. [5]

About Applied Nutrition and Science

DVS Raw is manufactured and distributed by Applied Nutrition and Science, a company based in St. George, Utah. It was founded in May 2010 by Jesse Knight, who graduated from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2008 with a degree in Sociology. [6]

It is unclear how this degree prepared him for a career in the supplement industry, but the success of the products speaks for itself.


One 60-capsule bottle of DVS Raw is sold for about $25 at It is available on other third party sites for $20-$40 per bottle. If you take the capsules at the recommended dose, one bottle should last about a month.

Should You Buy DVS Raw?

DVS Raw is supported by inconclusive science and mixed consumer reviews. The science itself does not prove or disprove the use of deer antler velvet in athletic performance enhancement. Some consumers achieve excellent results using the product, while others see no improvement.

With such inconclusive results, it would be best to hold off buying DVS Raw until more scientific studies prove deer antler velvet’s effectiveness.


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