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Cellucor P6 Extreme Review

In the past several years, serious bodybuilders have started to make the switch from anabolic steroids to testosterone boosters in order to enhance their muscle gains.

Safer and less controversial that steroids, yet just as effective, testosterone boosters are designed to increase a body’s natural production of testosterone. In turn, this increase can lead to not only muscle gains but also other health benefits including stronger libido function, a lower cholesterol level and more.

That being said, not all testosterone boosters are equally effective and efficient. Some products just don’t contain the right ingredients, or the right amount of ingredients to get the job done. Though certain top products like Syntheroid have taken the reins, there are still other potentially viable testosterone boosters.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at one particular testosterone booster called Cellucor P6 Extreme to see if it hits the mark or misses with its blend of ingredients.

Cellucor P6 Extreme History

To begin, we should notify consumers that the production of Cellucor P6 Extreme was discontinued by its manufacturer, Cellucor, for a time period. But lo and behold, Cellucor has just recently brought this product back into production.

As such, we’ve deemed it necessary to re-evaluate this product now that it’s back on store shelves.

Cellucor P6 Extreme Ingredients

Moving on then, there are a number of interesting ingredients found in this product – all of which are derived and extracted from all-natural sources.

The first ingredient that we’d like to highlight, called Ovine Placenta Powder, has the unique capability to increase the body’s production of luteinizing hormone, or LH. When found in abundance, LH often triggers high secretion levels of testosterone by the body.

Second, this product also contains an ingredient known as Agaricus Bisporus. An extract of the White Button Mushroom, Agaricus Bisporus is considered an aromatase inhibitor – which means that it has the ability to block the enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen. And as you may well know, high estrogen levels are never a good thing for a man.

The last ingredient we’d like to metion that is found in Cellucor P6 Extreme is that of Stinging Nettle Extract. This compound fulfills the important task of occupying sex hormone-binding globulins, or SHBGs, which often bind bio-available testosterone and render them useless. In other words, Stinging Nettle Extract ensures that there is a higher count of “free” and bio-available testosterone in the body as opposed to “bounded” and bio-unavailable testosterone.

Cellucor P6 Extreme – Our Opinion

Outside of Stinging Nettle Extract, all of the other ingredients found in Cellucor P6 Extreme are rarely used, if at all, by other testosterone boosters.
This either means that Cellucor has found a number of secret, powerful and effective ingredients that no one else has taken the time to test, or that the company just doesn’t have its bearings straight when it comes to piecing together a stalwart testosterone booster.

As for the truth to this matter, it probably lies somewhere in between these two explanations.

With this in mind, we figure that Cellucor P6 Extreme is a decent, yet not a great option to consider. Add to this the fact that Cellucor P6 Extreme costs a $120 at retail price, and its hard to argue that you’d be getting your money’s worth from this product.

If you prefer an effective product that goes for about half the price of Cellucor P6 Extreme, you may consider looking into Syntheroid

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