KOR Test Booster

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer

KOR Natural’s Test Booster is creating a lot of hype in the world of supplements as one of the newest natural testosterone boosters.

Anyone looking at what KOR promises might be skeptical that an all-natural supplement could do all of it!

I was at first too.

It’s advertised as a powerful T-Booster designed to give you the amped up energy and endurance that you need to see enhanced fat burn and muscle growth, and even promises improved moods, and increased libido.

It’s ingredient list makes it almost an every-day men’s supplement, with the added testosterone as a big benefit. But again, can it really do all the things they advertise:

  • 3-dimensional T-Booster, Estrogen Blocker, Immune Support
  • Big Gains and Extreme Muscle Growth
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Energy Booster
  • For Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Mass, and Increased Strength
  • Includes No Banned Substances or Fillers

Let’s look further into KOR’s Test Booster to see if it is worth trying.

Test Booster Ingredients

The KOR Test Booster includes essential nutrients like Zinc and Fenugreek that have been proven to help increase testosterone production, boost energy, and reduce fat storage. Test Booster has the power to get you pumped up so that your hard work produces results you can see.

The other nutrients that KOR Natural’s includes can improve libido, muscle to fat ratio, and lean muscle strength.

Natural testosterone boosters like Eurycoma Longifolia have even been shown to aid in mood elevation and mental energy, and help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.
DIM (Diindolylmethane) is a also included and is one of the ingredients made to fight the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

The ingredients found in the KOR Test Booster really do seem to pack that 3-in-1 punch.

The Benefits of KOR Test Booster

In my research and testing, I found that this test booster offers several benefits. On top of its testosterone boosting power and ability to aid in lean muscle growth, strength, and sex drive, it also supplies estrogen blocking properties with minerals like Boron, mental health benefits with ingredients like Ashwagandha, and even immune system and general health support.

Possible Test Booster Side Effects

With no stimulants to give you the jitters, and only natural herbs and minerals, you shouldn’t need to worry about side effects.

If you already take medication for blood sugar, you may want to consult your doctor about using Test Booster, as it includes ingredients like Fenugreek that can react negatively in combination with certain medications.

Test Booster Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

One bottle of Test Booster costs only $39.95. However, KOR Naturals offers great options for bulk buying, so you can share the cost with your workout buddies. The more Test Booster you buy, the more free bottles you get!

  • 1 bottle for $39.95
  • 2 bottles for $64.95 + 1 Free bottle
  • 3 bottles for $84.95 + 3 Free bottles

On top of these awesome prices, they offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If it is not producing the results you wanted, and you are not 100% satisfied, you can get a full refund.

Most users see improved results in no time, and don’t feel the need to use the guarantee at all.

Test Booster – Conclusion

It’s normal to be skeptical when products claim to be the best one out there, or use phrases such as “Unleash Your Inner Beast” and promise fat burning and muscle growth together.

But with KOR Natural’s Test Booster, I was surprised in my research of its composition, and agree that it can offer some major improvements, give you energy for big gains, and burn any extra fat. It’s comprehensive ingredients list really does give you 3-dimensional coverage and the power to see real results.

D-Aspartic Acid Side Effects

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) has emerged onto the sports supplements scene and is attracting a lot of attention.

Male athletes are using this amino acid to increase testosterone and growth hormone for improved athletic performance while many men are using it simply to feel healthier and younger.

It has also shown effectiveness for treating male infertility and may even boost cognitive performance.[1]

Many athletes hesitate to take DAA because of the sparse amount of research supporting its use. While limited, current research has uncovered information regarding d-saprtic acid side effects and adverse reactions that may pose some concern.

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Possible D-Aspartic Acid Side Effects

DAA is generally believed to be a safe supplement for increasing testosterone although it may cause some minor side effects.

According to customer discussions on user forums, it seems the most prevalent side effect is acne.

Adults who have never had skin problems have reported break outs, which experts believe is most likely due to DAA’s influence on hormonal balance. Researchers have not thoroughly investigated the link between DAA and acne, but breakouts are a common side effect of natural ingredients that have been shown to boost the testosterone especially in the first few weeks of use as the body adjusts to the hormone changes.[2]

Rodja, a PES Rep on AnabolicMinds.com, states “those that are prone to anxiety or stress tend to experience the negative emotional effects when using DAA.”[4] However, more research is needed to confirm this effect.

More research is needed regarding the link between DAA and the possibility of additional side effects. However, at this time it’s best for people to discuss their health with their doctor before using anything containing DAA.[5]

DAA is known to cause chronic headaches and a significant increase in blood alcohol levels. It has also been linked to acute and chronic nervous disorders. Scientists think this is due to overstimulation of nerve cells which causes rapid firing action. This causes nerve cell degeneration and problems with voluntary muscle movement.[6]

How D-Aspartic Acid Affects Teens

Because DAA is an amino acid, many teen athletes wonder if supplementation is safe for boosting testosterone. Tim Muriello, a fitness and supplement expert for IllPumpYouUp.com, provides answers for teens wanting to increase testosterone.

According to Muriello, male teenagers do not benefit from taking testosterone boosters such as DAA. Human males undergoing puberty already have high amounts of testosterone swirling in his body and won’t benefit from increasing it through supplementation.[11]

Furthermore, testosterone supplements destroy the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone. Muriello says supplementation conditions the body to rely on artificial and temporary testosterone sources, which shuts down natural production. This adverse effect on teens can last into adulthood.[11]

Also, teens supplementing with testosterone boosters such as DAA experience increased acne breakouts all over the body, including back and arms. And finally, teenage males are prone to moodiness and aggression when testosterone levels are altered.[11]

Correct Dosing to Minimize the D-Aspartic Acid Side Effects

While there isn’t an official recommended daily dose, experts normally suggest 2-3 g DAA daily.

Some people suggest cycling on for 12 days and cycling off for another 12 days. Other experts assert 90 days is the minimal dosing period for improving testosterone and male infertility. This seems best left to personal preference, however.[1]

Pill Bottle With Spoon DosingHereToStudy, a representative for AnabolicMinds.com, says this about dosing recommendations: “The 12 days is enough to reach the 40+% boost in [testosterone], the effects will slowly lower for 12 days, and then you re-raise them. The fact that the research is new is what leads me to believe they don’t want to push it past the point of the study.”[12]

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As researchers only recommend 2-3 g per day, it should be easy to avoid a dose that leads to any serious side effects.[1][9]

More research is required before we know the minimal dose to receive effects or adverse effects associated with particular dosing amounts. Until then, it is best to start with expert recommendations. If you don’t experience any side effects, experiment with dosing amounts until you find an optimal dose that maximizes your results without causing side effects.


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What Is Testosterone? Find Out Why It’s So Important

Testosterone is a super hormone, synonymous with weight lifting and a shredded physique.

Synthetic forms of testosterone are used to transform body builders into real life Hulk replicas sans the green skin color. But testosterone’s benefits and effects also branch outside of the gym world.

Regardless of your sex, testosterone’s effects are felt, and sub par levels affect a overall health.

Are you feeling fatigued or do you notice your sex drive is lower than it used to be? Low testosterone may be the reason why.

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How Is Testosterone Made?

In women, testosterone is produced in adrenal glands and ovaries as a result of the anterior pituitary secreting luteinizing hormone. [1]

In men, testosterone production starts with the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for producing hormones. The hypothalamus secretes gonadotropin-releasing hormone that signals the pituitary gland to produce luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone then stimulates the testes to produce testosterone. [2]

What Does Testosterone Do?

Testosterone affects several physical parameters. Depending on whether you are producing healthy testosterone levels or subpar levels, its influence may be positive or negative: [3] [4]

• Sex drive
• Sperm production
• Energy levels
• Muscle mass
• Fat distribution

Testosterone plays a big role in male development during puberty because it triggers penis and testicle growth. Consequently, testosterone’s influence on sexual parameters may negatively affect them. Inflammation, cancer, radiation therapy, and damage to the testicles may all negatively affect testosterone production. [4]

Clinical research shows those with lower testosterone levels, like hypogonadal men, often complain of fatigue, irritability, and have impaired quality of life. [5]

Furthermore, scientific evidence shows testosterone influences muscle mass by amplifying muscle protein synthesis. [6] Diminished testosterone levels may lead to impaired muscle growth and mass due to subpar protein synthesis.

Researchers have shown “serum and free testosterone concentrations have been inversely correlated with intra-abdominal fat mass.” Higher testosterone levels and therapy in middle-aged men was shown to reduce visceral fat and increase insulin sensitivity. [7]

Testosterone replacement is used as a method to combat premature menopause. One clinical study reveals judicious parenteral testosterone replacement benefits premenopausal women with sexual dysfunction and lower androgen levels. [8]


The male equivalent to menopause, andropause is a term used to classify the effects that occur to men in their later years as testosterone production drops significantly.

According to a clinical study abstract, when men age past 35-40 years, they experience a 1-3% decline in circulation testosterone per year. [9] By the time men reach 80 years, testosterone levels are about 20% what they used to be during their prime. [10]

However, according to David Handelsman, MD, PhD, testosterone decline isn’t necessarily an inevitable effect of aging. “It’s more likely that lowering of testosterone is a consequence of illnesses men acquire as they get older, like cardiovascular disease and obesity.” [11]

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy may be a viable solution for men that meet the criteria and are willing to spend substantial amount of money on testosterone therapy replacement.

Testosterone replacement therapy is often a solution looked for by those suffering from hypogonadism and its various side effects. Researchers indicate therapy “may produce a wide range of benefits for men with hypogonadism that include improvements in libido and sexual function, bone density, muscle mass, body composition, mood…” [5]

Testosterone replacement therapy comes with side effects, though they are rare. These adverse effects include psychotic symptoms, excessive libido, and aggression. [5] Also, the size of the testicles may decrease as a result of “the down-regulation of gonadotropins.” [5]

How to Boost Testosterone

Fortunately, there are several ways to boost testosterone levels naturally.

Getting sufficient sleep is an important and effective way of maintaining healthy hormone levels. Sleep deprivation has been shown to result in sleep disorders that negatively impact hormone regulation. [12]

Losing weight may help increase testosterone production. Obesity is said to be one of the most frequent causes of subpar free testosterone concentration in males. [13]

Ensuring you consume the daily recommended 8-11 mg zinc amounts [14] is a great way to positively affect testosterone. One clinical study demonstrates zinc’s importance by supplementing marginally zinc-deficiency elderly test subjects for 6 months which resulted in increased serum testosterone. [15]

Also, a great way to aid support healthy testosterone levels is by taking top ten testosterone boosting supplements seen here on eSupplements.com that contain clinically proven ingredients to influence testosterone levels.

Above all, find out what works for you, and be vigilant. Maximizing testosterone levels affects quality of life and keeps you in prime physical condition.


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Low Testosterone in Men – Simple Steps to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Conventional wisdom holds that low testosterone in men is just guaranteed as men get older.

While it’s true men’s testosterone levels drop about 1 to 2% every year once they hit their 30s or 40s [1], these testosterone declines don’t have to be as drastic as you might think.

According to recent research done at the University of Sydney, testosterone levels in fit men aged 40 and older don’t decline from month to month. The doctor behind this study instead credits low testosterone in men to underlying medical issues or a less-than-healthy lifestyle. [2]

These findings offer hope that maintaining overcoming low testosterone is possible. Still, many men wouldn’t say no to a testosterone boost, no matter what age they are. And while there are quality testosterone boosters available like you’ll find here on XPISupplements.com, you can also follow these steps to boost your low testosterone.

Eat More Fat and Cholesterol

For years, physicians and nutritionists have recommended limiting fat and cholesterol intake. But, diet that limits these foods actually increases the chance of low testosterone in men. Leydig cells in the testes need cholesterol to initiate testosterone synthesis. [3]

Several scientific studies indicate eating fat raises testosterone levels. [4] Men who dropped their fat intake from 40% to 25% of their diet had a 15% drop in serum testosterone. [5] Another study showed eating a high fat diet lowers sex hormone binding globulin, or SHBG. [6] SHBG attaches to testosterone and makes it biologically inert. Consequently, lowering SHBG increases available testosterone. [7]

Of course, this recommendation isn’t a free pass to eat as much fat and cholesterol as you want, especially if you already have high cholesterol or other health issues that require dietary restrictions. Still, adding more eggs, bacon, olive oil, and nuts to your diet is like adding fuel to your testosterone engine.

Incorporate Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin D into Your Diet

Fat and cholesterol aren’t the only dietary elements that promote testosterone production. Zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D play important roles in testosterone creation, too. Making sure you get enough of these vital minerals is an excellent way to ensure testosterone synthesis occurs at a healthy rate.

In one study, older men who added zinc supplements to their diet nearly doubled their testosterone after 3 to 6 months. And, in the same study, even young, otherwise healthy men had lower testosterone when they didn’t get enough zinc. [8]

As for magnesium, athletes who took large supplemental magnesium doses (10 mg per kilogram body weight, about 900 mg for a 200-pound person) experienced increases in testosterone. [9] While supplemental magnesium doses this large exceed the tolerable upper intake level, eating magnesium-rich foods like spinach, nuts, fish, beans, and avocados is a safer but still effective option. [10]

Adding vitamin D to your supplement stack also encourages testosterone levels to increase. Men who were overweight and in the testosterone deficiency range increased total, bioavailable, and free testosterone after taking 83 mcg vitamin D every day for a year. [11] Consequently, this testosterone boosting supplement is especially helpful for men who aren’t in the best shape and need a real testosterone lift.

Establish Healthy Sleep Patterns

What happens in the bedroom is one major reason most men want to maintain high testosterone levels. There’s no question healthy testosterone levels allow men to perform better sexually. But, the more restful half of bedroom life, the sleeping part, actually has a major influence on testosterone levels, too.

It’s scientifically established that testosterone production occurs mostly during sleep. [12] Consequently, depriving yourself of sleep wreaks havoc on your testosterone levels. A study performed at the University of Chicago found even young men who get less than 5 hours of sleep have a 10 to 15% drop in testosterone. [13] If your testosterone is already lower because of age, you don’t do yourself any favors by not getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

However, it’s not just the amount of sleep you get but how well you sleep that matters. A 2-year study of more than 1,300 older men tracked both sleep patterns and total testosterone levels. Those with lower testosterone spent less time asleep than those with higher testosterone levels. This meant they didn’t enter deeper, slow-wave sleep as often. [14] Another study linked slow-wave sleep with higher testosterone levels. [1]

Not sure how to improve sleep quality? Doctors at Harvard Medical School recommend the following strategies:

• Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption 3 to 4 hours before bed
• Have a relaxing bedtime routine
• Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even weekends
• Keep your bedroom dark and free of noise [15]

Keep Stress Hormones Under Control

The human body constantly performs a balancing act controlled by how hormones influence each other. For instance, the stress hormone cortisol counteracts several manly characteristics derived from testosterone: competitiveness and attraction.

Professors from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Oregon published a study in 2010 linking high cortisol to decreased competitiveness, a trait regulated by testosterone. Researchers took saliva samples from the 57 participants to measure their hormone levels. Participants then engaged in a one-on-one competition and were told they could request a rematch if they wanted.

Those with high testosterone but low cortisol always asked for a rematch after losing—they demonstrated competitiveness. But, those with high cortisol never asked for a rematch, even if they had high testosterone. These results suggest cortisol takes precedence over testosterone and minimizes its effects. [16]

Another study showed women perceive men with high cortisol levels as less attractive than those with low cortisol levels. Again, this occurred even in men with high testosterone. [17] It seems the best way to take advantage of whatever testosterone you do have is to keep stress to a minimum as much as possible.

Aside from minimizing stress, another way to lower cortisol levels is to lose weight. In a 2013 study, overweight or obese men had a 51% rise in cortisol after they ate lunch. By contrast, lean men who ate a similar meal only had a 5% cortisol rise. [18]

No matter what your testosterone level is, don’t assume it can only go down from here. Making any or all of these lifestyle changes will put you on the right track for boosting low testosterone and keeping it at a healthy level.


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Test X180 Ignite

Retailing for $80.00 per bottle, Test X180 Ignite is advertised as a fat burner, sex drive booster, and a muscle building supplement.

“Test X180 is one of the only free testosterone boosters that recognizes the important role fat-burning ingredients play in improve your se x life,” reads one advertisement.

I looked closer to determine whether Test X180 Ignite is effective.

What’s Under the Lid?

Test X180 Ignite features several ingredients in 2 proprietary blends. The company doesn’t list individual ingredient amounts. Consequently, I am unable to determine whether each ingredient is formulated effectively to produce benefits.

Here is a look at some key ingredients in both proprietary blends Manliness Ignition Matrix (400 mg) and Fat Incineration Complex (400 mg).

Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract
Testofen fenugreek is patented by Gencor Pacific, Inc.

The company conducted a study to analyze the ingredient’s benefits. Results show physical activity combined with 600 mg Testofen per day led to increased free testosterone levels. [1]

This ingredient is listed first in the proprietary blend, leading me to believe there is more Testofen than other ingredients. There may be enough to produce testosterone boosting effects similar to the study.

Green Tea Leaf Extract
This ingredient is included in both proprietary blends. It is widely studied for its weight loss effects due to its catechin content, an antioxidant.

One 12-week study reveals 690 mg catechins resulted in fat loss in several test subjects. Researchers indicate catechin supplementation may be useful in combating obesity and other lifestyle-related problems. [2]

Because green tea leaf extract is included more than once in Test X180’s ingredient profile, I believe there is enough to support weight loss.

Avena Sativa Extract
This oat was shown to contain antioxidant phytonutrients when researchers analyzed its properties in in vitro studies. [3]

Test X180 Ignite’s manufacturer explains avena sativa is linked with influencing free testosterone levels. However, I was unable to locate any clinical studies supporting this claim.

Caffeine Anhydrous
This stimulant is used to enhance physical performance and weight loss

When athletes supplemented 5 mg/kg caffeine prior to resistance training, they experienced increases in total weight lifted during the chest press and greater peak power. [4]

In another study, researchers administered 8 mg/kg caffeine to test subjects, resulting in a significant increase in metabolic rate for 3 hours after ingestion. Researchers indicate caffeine supplementation in normal weight subjects lead to greater fat oxidation than obese individuals. [5]

Depending on user weight, there may be enough caffeine in Test X180 to produce similar ergogenic and weight loss effects.

Green Coffee Extract
Green coffee bean is studied for potential weight loss benefits.

One study analyzed a commercial green coffee extract product and found 1050 mg and 700 mg supplementation led to reductions in body weight, body mass index, and percent body fat. [6]

This ingredient is listed as second to last in its proprietary blend. Green coffee extract amounts in Test X180 appear to be smaller than the clinical doses. However, long term use may result in weight loss.

Are There Any Side Effects?

GNC.com mentions Test X180 Ignite contains as much caffeine as 2 cups of coffee, so users are urged to limit caffeine consumption in other products while taking Test X180 Ignite.

Side effects associated with fenugreek include nasal congestion,facial swelling, allergic reactions, and wheezing. [7]

How Should Test X180 Ignite Be Used?

Users should not take Test X180 on an empty stomach.

The company suggests consumers take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules again 30 minutes before working out. On non-workout days, users should take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with lunch.

Depending on supplement tolerance, users may want to take smaller doses in the beginning to assess its effects. Also, Test X180 Ignite may take effect quicker in some users than in others. Ingestion times before working out should be adjusted to obtain optimal effects.

Is Test X180 Ignite a Good Product?

The ingredients in Test X180 are promising. However, proprietary amounts are small considering how many ingredients are in each blend.

Also, I was unable to find any user reviews, and these are great ways to understand the product’s effectiveness. For this reason, I suggest waiting for user reviews to become available before rushing to make a purchase.

If you are interested in Test X180 Ignite, the best deals I saw were on GNC.com and ForceFactor.com, the official website.


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Evotest is BSN’s first powdered testosterone supplement, making it available for customers to mix in drinks and avoid taking more pills.

To see if Evoteset is a cut above other testosterone boosters, I’ve taken a look at reviews and product information to give you a good idea.

What Customers Are Saying

Overall, customers are happy with Evoteset’s effectiveness, though it has garnished some mixed reviews. See what they are saying about its effectiveness and flavors:

Orange Flavored Evoteset: Tasty & Delivers.

“I think this has really helped me see how far I can go with supplements. It’s a great tasting, easy to take and mix powder, packed with results.” – mennie24, BodyBuilding.com

Gives Me More Energy.

“I like Evo specifically because I think it takes a different approach to energy. It makes it more concrete, and provides you with a boost, in which I can use for anything.” – richie252, BodyBuilding.com

Very Satisfied.

“I’ve been using this on and off for a while now, it’s really given me that extended boost I was hoping for. Just a natural, useful supplement.” – jade14, BodyBuilding.com

Black Cherry Doesn’t Taste Great But Works Well.

“Works good. Only a three week cycle. You feel more energy towards the last week and a half. It smells like dr. pepper and tastes like dirt (i guess) even though you’ll be tempted to put less water with it to get it down quicker, I found this to be a huge mistake. Drink with at least 16oz or beware it will be to strong to get down. I tried to use 8oz first, and it will burn your throat. Pills weren’t avalible when I bought this. So I recomend for the results, which are more endurance, recovery. But not ANYWHERE as great as novadex. But it will help with recovery. Just HEED the warning. GET THE PILLS it does not taste like black cherry.” – nightslasher2, BodyBuilding.com

Evotest Cost & Return Policy

The price is $49.99 on BSN.com. Customers can return opened products if they have used 25% or less and have 30 days past purchase date.

Other major retailers sell Evotest for $29.77-$27.99, like BodyBuilding.com and GNC.com.

Evotest Recommendations

Evotest issues this warning: not for use by those with pre-existing medical conditions or taking any medications or those under the age of 18 or over 50. Not intended for use by women.

Discontinue 2 weeks before surgery.

The directions for Evotest are the following: mix 1 scoop with 6 oz. water twice daily. Take 2-3 weeks and then discontinue 2 weeks before repeating again.

Evotest stacks with BSN products: Nitrix 2.0, Cellmass 2.0, and N.O.-XPLODE 2.0.

Evotest’s Key Ingredients

Here are some of Evotest’s major ingredients. The first two list ingredient amounts, and the remaining are part of a proprietary blend totaling 5.4 g.

Vitamin D 400 IU (100% RDA). In one study performed on subjects with low vitamin D and testosterone, 3,332 IU vitamin D significantly impacted testosterone levels. [1]

Another study analyzed 3 trials and confirmed vitamin D supplementation may influences testosterone in vitamin D deficient males, not healthy males. [2]

Evotest contains much less vitamin D than the first study; however, it does contain 100% of the daily allowance and should be enough to treat a deficiency, leading to healthy testosterone levels.

Magnesium Oxide. Magnesium (10 mg) significantly impacts testosterone levels. [3]

However, magnesium oxide is a compound of magnesium and possesses different properties. More studies are needed to support magnesium oxide’s role in testosterone levels and how much may be needed. [4]

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. N-acetyl l-cysteine is an antioxidant that hinders programmed cell death in male germ cells and regulates cell death, even beyond limitations of oxidative damage. [5]

Selenium and 600 mg n-acetyl l-cysteine together have shown remarkable ability to improve semen quality in infertile men; more importantly, these results were achieved through overall increase in testosterone. [6]

Based on the study’s amount and the total proprietary blend amount, the n-acetyl-l-cysteine in Evotest probably offers similar benefits.

D-Aspartic Acid. In a study performed on sub-fertile male patients, D-aspartate, an amino acid, was found to be involved in in LH and testosterone hormone release and resulted in patients successfully impregnating partners. [7]

Additionally, another study used 3.12 g d-aspartic acid in a 10 ml liquid solution to produce significant testosterone regulating effects. [8]

Evotest may contain enough d-aspartic acid to improve testosterone levels.

Evotest Conclusion

Evotest appears to be a quality product. The ingredients seem well-researched and the amounts effective. Also, many users seem to be quite pleased with the product. Evotest seems worth the money; I say go ahead and try it.


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Advanced Test-O-Boost

Niwali’s Advanced Test-O-Booster was designed to improve workout endurance and intensity.

What’s more, the bold proclamation on its website is to “Get more attention from women attracted to your lean, hard, sexy body.”

This promise grabbed my attention, but is Advanced Test O Booster effective enough to hold it?

Advanced Test-O-Boost Advantages

Advanced Test-O-Boost provides is a transparent ingredient label, with each ingredient amount prominently displayed next to the name. This makes it easier to compare the amounts with their respective dosage recommendations.

What’s more, it contains multiple ingredients commonly used to improve male enhancement.

L-Arginine (300 mg). Arginine is commonly found in male enhancement supplements for its ability to convert into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide plays a fundamental role in getting and maintaining erections by prolonging the second messenger cGMP.[1]

Zinc (50 mg). In addition to supporting a healthy immune system, zinc plays an integral role in enzyme production and testosterone maintenance.
Advanced Test-O-Boost includes more zinc than the tolerable upper intake level (40mg). Prolonged zinc intake above the upper limit increases adverse health risks. [3]

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia)(50 mg.) One study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed 200mg/d tongkat ali improves psychological mood state in regards to stressors such as aging, dieting, and exercise. [4]

Advanced Test-O-Boost Disadvantages

Despite featuring some effective ingredients, the dosages fall below the recommended amount to improve male enhancement.

Arginine, for example, is recommended by experts at 5 g arginine daily for erectile dysfunction. [2]
Furthermore there’s only 50mg tongkat ali, which is well below the 200mg used in the study.

The price is also a significant disadvantage. While there is a money back guarantee, the initial $67.00 for a month supply is steep.

What Reviewers Are Saying About Advanced Test-O-Boost

BestEnhancementReviews.com gives it 3.5 out of 5 stars and suggests Advanced Test-O-Boost is best for men who “…want to feel a little better, do little better at the gym and have more sex.”

Rob Miller at SupplementCritque.com gives a 3 out of 5 star rating. He recommends taking Advanced Test-O-Boost for overall health, but also suggests looking for an inexpensive alternative with similar ingredients.

Is Advanced Test-O-Boost For You?

Ultimately, Advanced Test-O-Boost does have a money back guarantee which puts the mind to ease about the steep cost. However, the ingredients fall below recommended dosages, and I was unable to find for a reliable source for customer reviews.

The best course is to look for an alternative product with similar ingredients and better price.


[1] K. J. Hurt, S. F. Sezen, G. F. Lagoda, B. Musicki, G. A. Rameau, S. H. Snyder, A. L. Burnett. Cyclic AMP-dependent phosphorylation of neuronal nitric oxide synthase mediates penile erection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2012

[2] Arginine The Mayo Clinic Available At: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/l-arginine/NS_patient-arginine

[3] Office of Dietary Supplements National Institutes of Health “Zinc” Available at: http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Zinc-HealthProfessional/


EPIQ Test manufacturers claim this testosterone booster is truly epic. They say it qualifies as epic because it contains powerful doses of well-known, all-natural ingredients and does not require cycling.

With a guarantee that all EPIQ products are free of banned substances and manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices standards, EPIQ test piqued my curiosity. If it has piqued yours as well, read on to find out whether EPIQ Test is worth a try.

What’s in EPIQ Test?

EPIQ Test contains natural ingredients claimed to raise testosterone. Let’s look at 3 key ingredients in EPIQ Test:

Tribulus Fruit Extract. Tribulus terrestris is one of the most common ingredients you’ll find in testosterone-boosting supplements, and many users believe it builds muscle. However, studies don’t align with tribulus’s popularity.

In one study, tribulus terrestris was given to 21 young men in doses of 20 or 10 mg/kg body weight per day. There was no significant difference found between tribulus terrestris supplemented groups and controls in testosterone levels. [1]

Maca Root. In one study, 2400 mg maca root improved perception of sexual well-being in men with erectile dysfunction. [2]

However, in another study, 1500 and 3000 mg maca did not have an effect on testosterone. [3]

Fenugreek Seed Extract. A dosage of 500 mg fenugreek for 8 weeks, combined with a resistance-training program, improved testosterone more than a placebo. [4] The same dosage also improved upper and lower body strength and body composition in a separate trial. [5]

According to WebMD, fenugreek might cause side effects like stomach upset, allergic reactions, or lowered blood sugar.

How Is EPIQ Test Rated by Customers?

A total of 17 people reviewed EPIQ Test on GNC.com and gave it an average of 3.8/5 stars; 76% of reviewers said they would recommend it to a friend.

Let’s take a look at a few comments from customers:

• “I’ve been taking TEST for almost two weeks now and I can certainly tell a difference. I have noticed that I have more energy not only during my workouts but throughout the day in general. One of the best things about TEST is that you only have to take one pill a day.” (cboussu)

• “I took this for 8 weeks. I saw no improvement whatever. For the price, I’m very disappointed.” (augiemosco)

• “If you are looking for a product that actually works then this is for you. This product is easy to take and it is very effective. After just one cycle i saw significant gains in strength and muscle mass along with improved energy levels everyday.” (cpoff25)

Is EPIQ Test a Good Price Value?

EPIQ Test costs $79.99 at GNC.com, but I found it for as low as $38.00 in other locations. Although this is reasonable for a 2 month supply, you’ll probably find a cheaper testosterone booster with similar ingredients.

What’s the Final Word on EPIQ Test?

EPIQ Test is made of popular testosterone-boosting ingredients; its formula is trustworthy but not particularly unique. While the majority of customers thought it was effective, others thought it was nothing to get excited about.

EPIQ Test is a solid testosterone booster, but perhaps not the best of its class.


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Max Genics

Max Genics’ product label assures men this testosterone booster raises strength, vitality, libido, and endurance.

Men, especially those starting to feel the effects of age in the gym and bedroom, likely respond well to the thought of restoring these manly qualities.

Can Max Genics turn around the low T and low libido that come with age? I took a closer look at customer reviews, main ingredients, price, and usage directions to figure out Max Genics’ value as a testosterone supplement.

Customer Reviews of Max Genics

MaxGenics.com has reviews from nearly a dozen customers. These reviews are all positive, as is to be expected with reviews on an official site. Nevertheless, they indicate what Max Genics does when its formula works well.

Most Max Genics reviewers discuss sexual benefits exclusively or as a primary result. They mention having harder and longer erections, morning wood, increased libido, and improved sexual stamina. Most commenters seemed to desire these results above all others and were pleased with Max Genics.

Unfortunately, no MaxGenics.com reviewers mentioned anything about muscle building or gym performance, which are also promoted as effects of this testosterone booster. If you’re interested in Max Genics for those reasons, I recommend searching for more targeted consumer reviews.

Ingredient Breakdown

According to MaxGenics.com, this product’s ingredients are 100% natural and clinically proven. Let’s see if scientific research confirms those claims.

L-Arginine – 500 mg
Max Genics includes L-arginine to raise nitric oxide levels and set off a chemical reaction that improves erection size. [1] In one study, arginine decreased erectile dysfunction in 31% of the test group. The dosage used was 5 g, 10 times more than the dosage in a Max Genics serving. [2]

Tribulus Terrestris – 200 mg
According to WebMD, tribulus terrestris is used to reduce ED, increase libido, and prevent semen release prior to orgasm. [3] In a small clinical trial, a tribulus terrestris supplement improved sexual performance in 50% of men. [4] Consequently, this traditional remedy is not 100% reliable but may help some men.

Tongkat Ali – 100 mg
Tongkat ali roots are a natural source of chemicals thought to raise testosterone. [5] A 200 mg tongkat ali dose increased testosterone in men with low testosterone. [6] But, Max Genics contains a smaller tongkat ali dose, so its effects on testosterone are likely smaller.

L-Carnitine – 50 mg
Nearly every cell uses carnitine to transform fatty acids into energy. Therefore, carnitine may affect stamina and athletic or sexual performance. But, decades of carnitine research has failed to produce notable results in those areas. [7]

Buying and Using Max Genics

MaxGenics.com is the only website selling Max Genics. This site offers consumers the option of buying 1, 2, or 3 bottles at a time. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply and costs between $40 and $50. Every order includes a 365-day money-back guarantee and free shipping.

To use Max Genics, take 2 capsules with one meal and a full glass of water. I suggest taking Max Genics in the morning if you want to boost testosterone for your workout but at night if you’re hoping for sexual benefits.

As with any testosterone supplement, you’ll get the best results if you eat right and stay active. Living a healthy lifestyle improves your body’s ability to absorb Max Genics’ ingredients and deliver nutrients where they’re needed.

The Verdict on Max Genics

Max Genics’ ingredient dosages seem small when compared to clinically tested dosages. But, I’m impressed by the many positive comments from Max Genics users.

It seems Max Genics satisfies many customers and gives the desired sexual benefits. Those who aren’t pleased with Max Genics always have the option of using the generous money-back guarantee to get a refund.


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EST Test Drive

EST Test Drive is a testosterone boosting supplement designed to boost energy in the gym and in the bedroom. Many men worry they do not have sufficient testosterone to accomplish simple tasks like crushing it on weights or satisfying their woman. EST Test Drive is an option to address this problem.

To see if EST Test Drive delivers, let’s look at what people who are already using it say. Then we’ll dig deep into Test Drive’s proprietary blends to see if quality, effective ingredients are used.

From Those Who Took a Test Drive of Test Drive

Test Drive is a fairly new product, so the majority of users are beta testers. These testers made logs of their workout (and bedroom) experiences with Test Drive. Here are their ratings:

“At first I didn’t think Test Drive was doing much, but I can’t deny all the PR’s I’ve set these past couple of weeks. I just keep getting stronger and stronger! I think it also affected my sex drive. I am always checkin out girls in the gym now, not something I used to always do. I can’t help it though! Good product for sure. Would rate 8/10. Satisfied.” –Mormonpickett, BodyBuilding.com

“The first week I didn’t notice much just a little aggression and irritability. Going into the second week my ED was improving I woke up with a pitched tent every morning and much thru the night! So I put it to the test I went to my girl’s house and we did the deed 6 times in the time frame I was there which was a big improvement from not wanting it ever LOL… By the end of the bottle I was a sex machine and my testes were bigger than they were much much bigger… So as a test[osterone] and libido booster I’d give it a solid 9/10.” –Jrmuscle, BodyBuilding.com

Ingredients Included in EST Test Drive

Test Drive generally receives high marks from testers. The following is a list of the main active ingredients that contribute to Test Drive’s effectiveness.

TRIBuzine Blend (Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Blend)

There are 700 mg TRIBuzine in each serving of Test Drive.

Tribulus Terrestris appears to be the only ingredient in this proprietary blend.

In one study, elite rugby players were given 450 mg tribulus or a placebo daily for 5 weeks. At the end of the study, the tribulus-fed athletes had gains in strength and fat free mass, but no more than the placebo group. [1]

In another study, primates with erectile dysfunction were given 30 mg/kg tribulus. Scientists saw testosterone levels increase 52% and decided it would be a promising treatment for humans with mild to moderate ED. [2]

Test Drive has such a high dose of tribulus terrestris it should be effective at raising testosterone levels.

TESTApro (Maximizing Testosterone Primer)

This proprietary blend contains 500 mg of the following ingredients.

Indole-3-Carbinol is commonly found in vegetables. It is commonly used as a hormone balancer. It also promotes immune system health and removes toxins. Less than 200 mg indole-3-carbinol is an effective dose. [3]

Tongkat Ali is shown in animal studies to increase testosterone. Unfortunately, with little human research being done, the effectiveness is unclear. [4]

3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran is a sex hormone-binding chemical. It treats the symptoms of prostate cancer. A typically helpful dose is 120 mg given three times daily. [5]

EPO-vol (Natural Red Blood Cell Potentiator)

There are 200 mg of the following ingredients in this proprietary blend.

Beta Vulgaris, also known as beet, has potential to elevate triglycerides and increase available nitrous oxide. [6]

L-Carnitine HCL produces energy for heart, brain, and muscle function. The accepted effective dose for male infertility is 500 mg. [7]

Icariin has been shown in studies to increase testosterone circulation and slow penis cell death. The amount used in one study was 20 mg/kg body weight. For a 200-pound man, an effective dose is 1814 mg. [8]

Hawthorne Berry is used to improve the heart’s ability to effectively pump blood through the body. This supplement interacts with certain health medications including beta blockers and nitrates, so it should not be taken without a doctor’s supervision. [9]

L-Leucine has a high oxidation rate. It improves muscle growth and decreases muscle breakdown during exercise. An effective dose is 50 mg/kg. For a 200-pound man, the dose should be 4535 mg. [10]

Beta Alanine is shown to increase peak oxygen utilization during high-intensity interval training. The most effective dose was 1.5 g beta alanine. [11]

Pyridoxine HCL, or vitamin B6, is typically needed by people who consume excessive alcohol, have liver disease, overactive thyroid, or heart failure. Pyridoxine supplements tend to come in 50 mg doses. [12]

How Much Does EST Test Drive Cost?

Test Drive retails for $33 at MuscleandStrength.com and $43 at VitaminShoppe.com. Each tub contains 120 capsules. The serving size is 4 capsules, so the tub should last a month. At the cheapest price, each dose costs $1.10.

Should You Buy EST Test Drive?

EST Test Drive contains almost exclusively proprietary blends. Usually this is not a positive quality, since the doses of individual ingredients are not given. Sometimes is it impossible for each proprietary blend to contain adequate dosage of the ingredients.

However, in this case, the largely positive consumer feedback makes me less wary about the individual ingredients. It appears users are largely satisfied with strength and testosterone gains.

If found at a competitive price, EST Test Drive is a viable testosterone booster.


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