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BPI A-HD Powder Review

With three fruity flavors, BPI’s A-HD Powder promises to boost your testosterone levels with only one “ultra-concentrated scoop” a day.

Sounds like a delicious and easy way to boost energy and increase muscle mass but can it actually work?


A-HD Powder provides nine interesting ingredients in two proprietary blends.

Blepharis persica k. is a shrub traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and diuretic. Clinical studies on the ingredient and its effect on the human body are severely lacking.

Carthamus tinctorius (seed) is better known as the safflower. Clinical research shows this ingredient helps animals lose body fat,[1] but clinical studies on humans are lacking.

It’s unclear how this ingredient works as testosterone booster.

Linum usitatissimum (seed) is better known as flaxseed, an ingredient found in many health supplements. It’s rich in the fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which the body turns into omega-3 fatty acids, resulting in lower cholesterol and better overall cardiovascular health.[2] Studies show that this ingredient helps lower androgen levels in males,[3] promoting more free testosterone in the blood which can be used to develop more lean muscle.

Zingiber officinale (root) is the scientific name for ginger root. In addition to raising thermogenesis and promoting greater fat burn, it appears that ginger can promote testosterone production. However, research on ginger’s possible effect on testosterone has been limited to rats and its actual effect on human males is unknown.[4]

Curcuma longa (Turmeric) is a curcuminoid that inhibits cancer and inflammations. It also helps improve the digestion and metabolism of fat,[5] resulting in faster weight loss.

Pterocarpus marsupium is a tree that has various medicinal properties. For example, it protects the body from inflammations and lowers blood sugar levels,[6] resulting in better overall health.

Cynara scolymus (leaf) is more commonly known as the artichoke. While studies show it has antioxidant properties and can lower cholesterol,[7] there is no evidence it affects testosterone or energy production.

Pausinystalia yohimbe (bark) is found in many performance-enhancing supplements. While it improves mood, concentration, and even impotence, [8] like other ingredients in A-HD Powder, it’s unclear whether yohimbe actually affects testosterone production.

Propolis is a honey bee secretion used to feed larvae. Recent studies show it contains strong antioxidant properties.[9]

In sum, A-HD provides a strange mix of ingredients that don’t appear to have any actual connection with testosterone. In fact, most of the ingredients are commonly found in colon cleanser products.

How Do You Use It?

For best results, take one scoop daily in the morning and mix with 8 oz. of cold water or other liquid.

A-HD Powder must be taken on a full stomach. Do not take for longer than eight consecutive weeks.

Are There Possible Side Effects?

Many of A-HD Powder’s ingredients cause negative side effects such as bloating, gas, abdominal pain, as well as diarrhea and nausea. Propolis, in particular, can cause severe allergic reactions such as hives, asthma, and even fatal anaphylaxis.

Also, yohimbe bark can also cause side effects like skin flushing, dizziness, and panic attacks.

It would be nice to know just how much of each ingredient is included in the product, but since its part of a blend, A-HD doesn’t provide that information.

How Much Does It Cost?

A-HD can be found in GNC stores across North America at various prices. If you’re looking online, the best deals are at:

• $27.25 for one tub (3.95 oz.)
• $39.99 for one tub
• $27.95 for one tube

Amazon looks like the best deal because it offers not only the lowest price, but provides free shipping and great customer support.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is a rather limited guarantee from BPI Sports, the company behind A-HD Sports. However, the guarantee requires you to buy the product directly from the company, not to open the product, and return it with all required paperwork within 30 days of purchase.[10]

GNC and Amazon have much easier return and money-back policies, though neither allow you to try the product.

Final Thoughts

While A-HD looks tasty, it does not look effective as its formula is full of ingredients that have nothing to do with testosterone. Consequently, A-HD doesn’t look like it delivers on its promises to boost testosterone.

Pass on this product and get a testosterone supplement with researched and proven ingredients.


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