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Boladrol Review

If you know a lot about the history of prohormones you have probably heard about Bolasterone. Bolasterone was a prohormone supplement designed to give you extreme muscle building results, but it was banned by the USADA due to its potentially dangerous side effects.

But why are we talking about Bolasterone in a Boladrol review? Because the chemical that makes up Boladrol is just a simple variation of Bolasterone, and as such its effects are comparable.

In fact, the makers of Boladrol claim that by taking their prohormone supplement, you will experience extreme muscle gain and increased strength. While the makers of Boladrol may not consider their product to be an imitation of Bolasterone, its effects–both positive and negative–appear similar.

Let’s dive into Boladrol to determine just how safe and effective it really is.

Boladrol: The Good

Boladrol is a prohormone–which means is doesn’t necessarily produce testosterone, but rather enhances the effects of testosterone already produced in the body. Prohormones are typically consumed by experienced body builders and athletes (when legal) because they are known for their powerful strengthening abilities.

If you are an experienced athlete or bodybuilder who understands how to correctly supplement, Boladrol appears to be an effective prohormone that will give you an edge in the gym.

However, if you are just getting started working out, or are simply trying to gain lean muscle, Boladrol may be too powerful for you to risk the potential side effects.

Boladrol: The Bad

Prohormones have also been known for their potential risks and dangerous side effects. Liver and kidney damage, along with abnormal blood pressure have been reported when taking prohormones. Other undesirable effects like acne, breast enlargement, and hair loss are also known risk factors.

Again, if you are experienced and know what post-cycle therapy works for you, then the risks of Boladrol will be reduced significantly. But if you are an inexperienced consumer, you may want to consult your healthcare provider before taking Boladrol.

Or, avoid it altogether.

Boladrol: The Facts

Users are directed to take 2-6mg of Boladrol over a 4 week cycle. One cycle of Boladrol costs $29.99 and can be purchased from the official site. If you are a female and/or someone under the age of 21 Boladrol is not recommended for you.

Boladrol: Final Thoughts

While Boladrol may appear to be a powerful and effective prohormone, it is important you are aware of the risks. Boladrol has been reported to produce extreme muscle building results, but it shouldn’t be taken by just anybody.

Before you decide to start supplementing with Boladrol, make sure you do your research. Understand the risks, and know the possible post-cycle therapy options.

Bottom line, despite the possible risks associated with Boladrol, it seems to be a powerful alternative to Bolasterone and can be an effective prohormone supplement for anybody looking to break that plateau in the gym.

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