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Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone Supplement Benefits

Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

Just like building a house takes specialized tools, building your body takes specific tools like testosterone supplements.

Testosterone supplements boost testosterone levels in the body by stimulating natural testosterone production in the body. Strength-training athletes and bodybuilders often use testosterone supplements to increase strength and muscle mass but these enhancers have a number of additional health benefits, but what do professional athletes know about testosterone that we don’t?

Increase Muscle Mass and Strength

The most common use for testosterone supplements is for muscle gain and strength. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinol and Metabolism states that “testosterone administration improves body composition (decrease of fat mass, increase of lean body mass).” Other studies in the same journal report that increases in testosterone levels target abdominal fat concentrations specifically.

Plenty of additional studies have shown that even without structured routines and workouts, supplementing testosterone still increases strength.

Improve Your Sexual Desire

Testosterone plays a vital role in the sexual health and development of men. Erectile dysfunction and/or diminished libido come with lower testosterone levels and age. By increasing testosterone levels with a testosterone booster, male sexuality can be restored and sexual function can be improved.

Research from the World Journal of Urology suggests that testosterone replenishment—like experienced from testosterone supplements—can enhance libido and frequency of sexual acts.

Enhance Energy and Your Mood

The advantages of taking a testosterone enhancer even cross over into improved well-being. With extra testosterone, higher levels of energy are experienced and you are capable of increases in muscle mass which in turn may contribute to a better mood.

In the American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism, a study reported that testosterone levels can indeed improve mood and assessments of the quality of life.

Better Cognitive Function

Lower levels of free testosterone in the male body are associated with poor cognitive function, especially with age. Therefore, boosting testosterone levels can have a positive impact on mental health.

Evidence for the correlation between cognitive function and testosterone levels exists. Some of the evidence from a study published in the Hormonal Behavior journal shows that testosterone levels had a hand in verbal fluency, verbal memory and perceptual speed.

Other information and research shows a strong correlation between testosterone levels and performances like spatial abilities or mathematical reasoning.

Women and Testosterone

Testosterone therapy is only FDA-approved for men. Although testosterone supplements are not the same thing as testosterone therapy and are not regulated by the FDA, it is safe to assume that testosterone supplements are ill-advised for women as well.

Because testosterone supplements are formulated for men, testosterone products may have an influence on estrogen levels which pose a health hazard for females. The long-term safety of supplementing testosterone in women is still unknown.

Are There Risks?

Any adverse effects associated with men and testosterone enhancers are typically minimal and rare occurrences. Most of the reported side effects include skin reactions like acne. Taking a natural supplement usually decreases the likelihood of experiencing any unwanted side effects.

However, safe products like Syntheroid or others that use patented ingredients can be safe and effective as well.

Overall, the advantages of taking a testosterone supplements overshadow potential, minor side effects.

The Real Deal

Testosterone boosters are popular because they are some of the strongest class of legal supplements. The peak of testosterone is during adolescence and early adulthood, so testosterone supplements promote youth and vitality. Clearly, the advantages of supplementing testosterone are not limited to simply bulking up.

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