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Axis-HT Review

Axis-HT is a pure testosterone booster with a patent-pending approach towards creating anabolic effects in the body. Unlike Syntheroid and other boosters that work to increase testosterone with only one approach, Axis-HT aims to do a little more.

Axis-HT offers a “2-Tier” approach:

Tier 1 gives you a real surge of energy and increases drive so you can give more intense effort to your workout.

Tier 2 amplifies strength and aggression, taking your workouts to the next level! Tier 2 claims to be able to “morph your muscles”, so you finally achieve the “built” look you’ve been craving.

Axis-HT self-proclaims to be the “single most powerful body-altering anabolic-androgenic amplifier.” Because Axis-HT was designed by the powerhouse brand BSN, we wanted to see if Axis-HT is just a good as other products we’ve reviewed by BSN.

Axis-HT Ingredients

Axis-HT offers essential minerals like magnesium and zinc so the body has the necessary nutrients and fuel it needs.

In addition, Axis-HT offers the following ingredients specifically targeting towards increasing testosterone:

TPS3–a 3-fraction Tribulus Terrestris extract that enhances testosterone levels in the body. Tribulus Terrestris can increase motivation, boost libido and ultimately improve overall performance.

Testofen has been proven as an effective extract for supporting testosterone production in the pituitary gland.

Coleus Forskohlii is a natural extract that stimulates certain enzymes linked to testosterone.

Axis-HT Price and Recommended Use

On the official BSN website Axis-HT will set you back $79.99 for a 120-count bottle.

It is recommended you take 2 tablets 3 times a day with meals containing high levels of proteins and carbohydrates.

Do the math–that’s only a 20-day supply.

Axis-HT Money-Back Guarantee

BSN will only refund on “unopened bottles.” Because of this stipulation, you may want to purchase Axis-HT from an alternative site where it can be found less expensively.

Benefits of Axis-HT

Axis-HT has a potent formula that blends natural testosterone boosters, minerals and herbal extracts designed to define muscles, increase performance and accelerate muscle recovery. After one week of using Axis-HT you should recognize extra strength and vascularity. In two to three weeks of using Axis-HT you should begin to feel anabolic effects in your body as your muscles begin to define.

Possible Axis-HT Side Effects

Axis-HT has an all-natural formula without any stimulants. Currently we consider Axis-HT safe and side effect-free.

However–BSN specifically states Axis-HT is only for “healthy men over the age of 18.”

And you must use in 12 week increments, discontinuing use for at least 4 weeks.

As with all supplements, please seek advise from a medical practitioner before using Axis-HT if you have a history of illness.

Axis-HT – Conclusion

We have found Axis-HT to be a potent testosterone booster. Serious body builders and athletes who are looking for a reputable way to increase their testosterone levels safely will find all they need in Axis-HT.

That being said, because it doesn’t have many direct muscle-building ingredients, Axis is the perfect stack with other nutritional and workout supplements.

Finding a good stack with something like Axis-HT can be almost as challenging and finding this product in the first place. Luckily, Syntheroid can be stacked with other supplements to create a more comprehensive boost.

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