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Aspartalone Review

Aspartalone is a new testosterone booster based on DAA or D-Aspartic Acid. This acid is a precursor to several amino acids in the body. Early clinical studies are really just starting to understand DAA’s effect and function in the body. Some researchers are concluding that since DAA is highly concentrated in the pituitary and testes that it has some bearing on testosterone production. A few studies have shown that DAA does have a role in the regulation of testosterone release and synthesis but other studies have come back inconclusive.

The Pros of Aspartalone

If DAA is as much of a breakthrough as they are promising, Aspartalone could be an extremely effective product.

The Cons of Aspartalone

Aspartalone doesn’t list any ingredients besides DAA. That’s a big red flag. In this business, you know never to take something into your body unless you know exactly what it is. Also, if in fact Aspartalone is all DAA, it may be limiting its own effectiveness. While a few studies suggest there might by a correlation between testosterone and DAA, the scientific community has yet to reach a consensus.

The Verdict

Aspartalone doesn’t have enough scientific backing we’d like to see from a testosterone boosting supplement. Paying $130 for a bottle of something you’re not sure even works isn’t something we would advise. Also, Aspartalone has NO money back guarantee. If you find that it yields no results, you’re stuck with it. In the end, there’s just too much risk; not just to your wallet but possibly your health. We cannot recommend this product.

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