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Are Testosterone Supplements Safe?

Are Testosterone Supplements Safe

Testosterone is an interesting supplemental choice. Men inherently have lots of testosterone in their bodies, so why would they consider taking additional testosterone supplements?

Well, sometimes testosterone levels run low, or men simply don’t feel as manly as they feel they ought to.

Many men choose to take testosterone supplements to boost their energy, and masculine drive to pump iron and build strong muscles.

Testosterone supplements have also been known to boost sexual drive in men, which is an added plus to users. Syntheroid and other top testosterone boosters assert that they can give you all the best effects without causing harm, but are testosterone supplements safe?

Is More Testosterone Safe?

With so many different opinions on testosterone supplements, here is more information on the good and the bad aspects about natural testosterone boosters.

For the most part, yes, testosterone supplements are safe. Testosterone is a naturally occurring chemical in both men and women. That isn’t to say that testosterone can’t come with side effects. Very few things have no apparent negative side effects among all users. Testosterone is a useful hormone that can help your body run more properly, and can help you heal from some maladies.

Women too can benefit from the healthy aspects of testosterone. Women have more receptors in their brain for testosterone actually, which means that it takes more supplementary testosterone to affect a woman than it does to affect a man. For female body builders, testosterone can be very useful in building bigger, stronger muscles.

Mild side effects may include acne, headache, bitter or strange taste in the mouth, a feeling of fatigue, irritation of the mouth or gums, gum pain, gum tenderness or swelling, and hair loss. Severe symptoms can also happen, including symptoms of allergic reaction such as rash, itchiness and difficulty to breathe. There is also tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, and/or tongue.

Change in chest size, change in testicle size or shape, discolored urine or feces are also possible. If you experience any of these symptoms, or any of the following symptoms such as depress, light-headedness, loss of appetite, weight loss, painful or prolonged erection, swelling, or pretty much any bad thing as a result of taking a testosterone supplement, consult a doctor immediately and terminate use of the product.

Also keep in mind that these symptoms are rare. Testosterone can be taken with little discomfort or problem at all. Be wise in all your supplementary undertakings.


Because testosterone is a vital hormone produced in the body, it is already compatible with the body’s processes and can provide you with a safer, yet still effective way to achieve all your goals.

Finding products that work with your body to produce more testosterone, rather than artificially inject or stimulate it, may be the best way to go if you feel you absolutely need a testosterone supplement.

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