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AndroGel Review

AndroGel is one of these testosterone boosters. Unlike Syntheroid and other top testosterone boosting products, AndroGel is applied to the skin and provides quite a bit of testosterone per dose.

However, it’s always a little concerning when products need to be prescribed by a doctor because they often come with major side effects.

Let’s see if that is the case with AndroGel.

AndroGel Ingredients

The active ingredient in this supplement is Testosterone USP. This is a powerful and synthetic form of testosterone that is used to increase the amount of testosterone in your system quickly.

There are no other active ingredients in AndroGel.

It will need to be continuously supplemented because AndroGel only treats the symptoms of low testosterone, not the cause. Though this drug is meant to treat those who do not produce enough testosterone naturally, it will not start the production process or enhance your body’s ability to make testosterone.

The benefits of this drug are the same as those you would see with other testosterone supplements, but there are a few warning associated with it as well.

AndroGel Warnings

A warning connected with AndroGel states that it may cause harmful effects to people who touch your skin in the area where you applied it. This especially goes for women and children.

It is also important not to go swimming or get wet from 5-6 hours after applying the gel. The manufacturers recommend showering before application.

Because it is so powerful, you will need to regularly go to your doctor to see how the gel is affecting your testosterone levels, and it is imperative that you only use the gel as they direct in order to avoid severe issues.

AndroGel Side Effects

Along with this list of warnings comes a list of potential side effects. We will not list them all here, but some notable side effects are:

• Breast enlargement/pain
• Decreased sexual desire
• Acne
• Hair loss
• Depression
• Changes in ability to smell or taste
• Breathing problems, especially during sleep
• Difficulty urinating
• Erections that happen too often or last too long
• Yellow or darkened skin

It seems interesting that some of the side effects of this testosterone booster can give the opposite effects of what is desired. This may be due to the great increase in testosterone. As testosterone gets higher and stays that way for a long period of time, estrogen levels tend to get higher as well.

This can counteract many of the effects created by higher levels of testosterone.

AndroGel Conclusions

This supplement is dangerous, only available through prescription, and may not even work as well as testosterone boosters that are sold over the counter.

For those reasons, we would not suggest AndroGel at all. Instead, we suggest looking more closely at Syntheroid and deciding whether its effects are more to your liking.

One of the best benefits of Syntheroid is that you will not experience all the uncomfortable, embarrassing, and potentially hazardous side effects seen with AndroGel.

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