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Androbolix 300 Review

BioRhythm has created a testosterone booster called Androbolix 300, which is supposed to safely increase testosterone levels with all natural ingredients that pose little to no risk of side effects.

According to the makers of Androbolix 300, the ingredients that are utilized can build muscle mass and increase focus during workouts.

All natural ingredients is a feature that certain products, such as Syntheroid, aren’t able to offer. However, all natural does not always mean safe.

We are going to take a closer look at Androbolix 300 to determine what makes it so special.

What’s Inside

The makers of Androbolix claim it contains natural ingredients that increase testosterone levels without causing adverse effects. Here is their ingredient list:

Tribulus Terrestris: This plant extract is said to have testosterone boosting qualities. It contains a chemical called protodioscin which has been tested among humans but with insufficient proof of benefits. One clinical study for tribulus terrestris showed that it did little to increase serum testosterone levels.

Eurycoma Longifolia: Another plant extract. This one is found in the tropical regions of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. While insufficient human testing has been done on eurycoma longifolia, it is well known in the muscle supplement world and has been given the nickname of “Longjack.”

Bioperine: Bioperine is a patented form of black pepper extract. Otherwise known as peperine, this extract increases the bioavailability of Androbolix 300.

Other Details

Androbolix 300 comes in capsule form. Users are directed to take a total of four capsules per day and should cycle five days on and one day off.

While reading BioRhythm’s official site, we discovered that Androbolix 300’s original formula was altered into Androbolix 2000 due to insufficient sales. We’re not sure why people weren’t buying Androbolix 300 but it brings up a red flag.

Side Effects

Fortunately, the natural ingredients in Androbolix 300 pose little to know threat of any adverse effects. Rare side effects include upset stomach, which can be prevented simply by taking Androbolix 300 with food.


We were able to find Androbolix 300 for $129.99. This may be the real reason why they had insufficient sales and had to change their formula. One thing is for sure, Androbolix 300 will put a dent in the budget.

Overall Impression

Androbolix 300 has upside, but the fact that they were forced to alter their formula into Androbolix 2000 makes us skeptical. Also, at $129.99, that ranks Androbolix 300 on the high end of the testosterone market. We feel you can find a product that works for only half the price.

If you are willing to risk the money, go ahead and try Androbolix 300. Otherwise, we recommend avoiding it and looking to proven and more affordable products. Syntheroid is known for both of these features, so we suggest looking in that direction first.

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