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Andro400 Review

If you have spent much time searching for testosterone boosters, you know that there are different kinds of testosterone boosters.

There are those that simply add testosterone to the body through supplementation and there are those that stimulate the body to naturally produce testosterone.

Andro400 is considered one of the latter. It was designed to increase overall testosterone levels in the body which can reduce fat, increase lean muscle and improve overall health.

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The makers of Andro400 claim that their product can naturally trigger the pituitary gland to naturally produce testosterone in both men and women. We did some of our own research on Andro400 and its ingredients and decided to share with you what we found.


Unfortunately, we do not know about all of the ingredients in Andro400 because the official website does not disclose a complete ingredient list. We do know that Andro400 contains at least one active ingredient called eurycoma longifolia or pasak bumi.

Eurycoma longfolia is a plant native to southern Asia and is a common ingredient found in testosterone boosters and other nutritional supplements.

Because Eurycoma longfolia is such a popular ingredient, there have been many tests and clinical studies to show its effectiveness. One study that we found showed that eurycoma longfolia did increase serum testosterone levels among test rats.

However, another test showed that the plant extract does not absorb into the body very well when taken orally, which is the method of entry with Andro400. Still, E longfolia appears to be a safe and effective ingredient.

The Problem

The biggest concern we found with Andro400 is the fact that E. longfolia is the only listed ingredient. If you are familiar with how testosterone works, you know that it is a precursor to estrogen and DHT.

An enzyme in the body called aromatase converts testosterone into the secondary hormones, which, at high volumes, can actually cause pesky side effects like baldness and fat production. So Andro400 may actually be counterproductive.

Most testosterone boosters have other ingredients to hinder that conversion, but it appears that Andro400 does not. This is the biggest concern we have regarding Andro400 as a testosterone booster.

Cost and Return Policy

On the official Andro400 site one bottle (one month supply), retails for $39.95 or you have the option of buying in bulk, which will save a few dollars. You can also save an extra $10.00 by getting it auto shipped monthly for $29.95.

Andro400 comes with an unconditional 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

On the Andro400 website it states that, “if you are not 100% satisfied with our product then simply return it to us and we will promptly refund the sales price.”

Final Thoughts

Andro400 is relatively inexpensive for a testosterone booster, but there is little reason for us to believe that you will actually experience optimal results.

The ingredient, eurycoma longfolia appears to be effective in increasing testosterone levels in the body, but there is no indication of additional ingredients that would suppress the conversion of testosterone into secondary hormones.

We recommend looking for Syntheroid, which seems to be a little more powerful and effective.

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