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AlphaTest Review

You’ve probably seen the testosterone supplements that promise results based on “clinically-proven” ingredients where most of the clinical studies were conducted on mice. AlphaTest is not one of those supplements.

One of the most impressive things about AlphaTest is the human research they’ve conducted. You really can’t find that in a lot of supplements.

But it’s important to look at a number of factors before deciding to order. It’s important to know what the ingredients are, what actual users are saying, and the overall value if you find it does work.

Those are some of the things we’ll take a look at.

The makers of AphaTest compare their product with three of their competitors and bring up good points. They claim their product is designed to build testosterone levels and improve workout performance while their competitors cite irrelevant results like diabetes and heart disease. Don’t get us wrong, those are important areas of health, but when you are looking for a testosterone supplement, you want it to specialize in testosterone building.

We’re going to break down AlphaTest’s new formula and see if their ingredients really have been tested and shown to work.

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Tested? Yes. Recent tests have been done. One in particular did show an increase in testosterone among participants.

Shown to Work? Yes. However, that particular test was done on participants whose ages ranged from 37-70. Younger users may not encounter the same results.

Rhodiola and Ginkgo

Tested? Yes. Tests have been done on the Rhodiola Crenulata and Ginkgo Biloba combination and showed maintained levels of testosterone during workouts along with increase oxygen consumption.

Shown to Work? Yes. But like Mytosterone, tests were done on participants within a certain age group (18-22). Older participants may not encounter the same benefits.

Boron Citrate

Tested? Supposedly. MuscleTech claims that a 2011 study was done showing increased testosterone levels. We haven’t been able to find those results.

Shown to Work? Supposedly. Again, we have not seen the results so we have to take MuscleTech’s word on it.

Zinc Gluconate

Tested? Yes. A 1996 study was done showing correlation between zinc and testosterone production

Shown to Work? Possibly. The conclusion of the study left the result open. The study says that “zinc may play an important role in modulating serum testosterone levels in normal men.”


It appears MuscleTech is telling the truth; they did include ingredients that have been tested and shown to work for the most part. A couple of tests have us wondering, but considering the competition, a few minor question marks regarding a couple of tests is really not a big concern.

You can get MuscleTech online for around $25. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee which is reason enough for us to recommend at least trying this product out.

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